Friday, May 7, 2010

Stops and Starts

"God leads by stops as well as starts." A wise woman told me this years ago. It was a new thought for me, but I considered it a word from the Lord and I took it to heart. The statement has become a touch-point for my life. God taught me a lesson through her words that has helped me through the years.

Recently, I happened on a great big stop sign. It was not just red, it was neon red with flashing lights and sirens. STOP! DON'T GO ANY FURTHER. I've learned to follow the signs, so I stopped and prayerfully considered the path I was on. To everyone around me, this path looked good, but in my heart I knew God was telling me to get off it.

This stop involves big changes in my life and a great loss. It involves disappointment. It involves grieving. It will take a while to work through the sadness. I've been through similar stops before. One thing I've learned with the Biblical character, Job, is that God gives and He takes away. And I can say, with Job, blessed be the name of Lord.

I'm reminded of the time, years ago, when I tried to sell a house. No matter what I did, the house would not sell -so I gave up and placed the house as a rental. Five years passed and when I put the house on the market, it sold within the first week. Looking back, I realized it was much better for me that it hadn't sold earlier.

Over many years, I've learned that I can trust God to lead me, so I mind the stops. I'm taking a rest to seek His face and His will, asking Him for knowledge of His will and His power to carry that out. I know His way, and His path is perfect, holy, and pure....and that walking His path brings peace.

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