Saturday, March 26, 2011

Purim this year

This year, the synagogue put on a play about Esther.  Sheila, one of our members, found the play online.  We loved it because no rehearsals were needed, costumes and props were up to our discretion, and it was just so easy to do.

Never has there been so much HAM in a Jewish synagogue.  Who knew we had actors lurking stealthily in our midst???  Needless to say, we were delighted to find out who they were.  The biggest ham (I just can't resist using that word) was, of course, Rabbi Jem, who played the narrator.

Next in line came Jeff, who played King Ahasuerus .  Such drama you've never seen!!!  Such voice projection!

All of the other cast members were great, ad-libbing, dying laughing, and being silly as children.  How we got through it, I'll never know.  I think the fact that we didn't rehearse made it much funnier!

Oh, I was part of the two-member choir.  We sang great, silly song like Hang Down Your Head Old Hamaan, to the tune of the old song about Tom Dooley.  (If you're not as old as many of us in the congregation, you'll have to look it up on YouTube.)

We had tons of food and hours of fun, and games for the children.  Everyone agreed it was a great celebration.

The blessing of the children.

The oldest living rabbi (aka Rabbi Jem)

The cast (left to right):  Bonnie, Abby, Mallory, Jeff, Deb, Rabbi Jem, Gail, Sheila, Glen & Rich.

Food!!!  My grandson doesn't look happy with his hotdog.

Hamantaschen cookies are shaped like a three-cornered hat and filled with apricot, prune or poppy seed filling.

Musical chairs

More musical chairs - Rabbi Jem loves to play!!

Jonathan loved playing toss the golf balls in the buckets...of course he had to taste them.

A lonely hotdog left at the bowling alley.

Did you know that the movie One Night With the King is the story of Purim?  To learn more about Purim, check out my previous post For Such A Time As This.  Also, this link has in-depth information   -

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  1. I love the story of Esther and it looks like you all had a wonderful time.