Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's a Swan!

Living near the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge gives me wonderful opportunities to see many different birds, and I've turned into an avid bird watcher.

Recently, my husband and I were riding near the Indian River when I spotted a large white bird near the shore as we approached the bridge.  "Stop!" I screamed.  "I saw a swan!"

"There aren't any swans around here, " he mumbled with no interest.

"Honey, please turn around.  I know I saw a swan.  A BIG Swan!"

"Yes, dear..."  (that's part of why I love him so much)

He turned around on the other side of the bridge and headed back to the opposite shore.  As we pulled into the grassy field close to the water, I spotted the bird standing with his head tucked under his wing.  "It's a swan, honey!  Look!  That's a swan!"  I grabbed my phone, rolled down the window, and took a quick picture. 
The white bird on the left is the swan.  The one on the right is a stork.

"That's not a swan," Jem said. "That's a goose!"

"It's a swan, I'm telling you! Drive a little closer...slowly, so we can get a better look at it!" I whispered. "Don't scare him away!"  We rolled closer and then stopped for a better, closer picture.

The swan raised his head, and looked at us as we rolled closer, and then started walking toward us.  
It's times like this when you wish you had a "real" camera!  He walked closer and closer and didn't act a bit afraid.  I kept taking pictures, until finally he was REALLY close...until he was THIS close!!!!

Oh, my goodness!  I was soooo excited!  He (I think it was a he...) was just as interested in us as we were in him!  I kept snapping pictures and whispering, "He's so beautiful!"

Mr. Swan was REALLY interested in us....He got even closer! 

Yes, he got close enough to convince Jem that he was a SWAN!

Mr. Swan stood right near the window for several minutes, looking at us with not one trace of fear.  "This is not a wild swan, Jem, " I whispered.  "He's tame, and he's thinking we're going to give him some food!"  My heart was pounding, I was so excited to be so close up and personal with this beautiful bird.  "Dang it!  I wish we had something to give him..."   Jem started looking  for some stray peanuts or french fries on the floorboard, but he came up empty...too bad.

Mr. Swan stood patiently, looking in the window for a few more minutes, and then turned and walked slowly away toward the river to join his stork friends. (I think he probably thought they were funny looking swans).

It was a wonderful day for me as a bird-watcher! We found out later in the week that several swans had been stolen from Lake Eola in downtown Orlando.  Undoubtedly, our friend, Mr. Swan was among the stolen birds.  Someone must have reported him, because later reports were that all the swans were found and returned to their home.   I wonder if it was a college prank.....

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  1. Don grew up in Orlando and said they had been stolen before but he wasn't sure if it was a college prank or what. You got some great photos. The newspaper might have been interested in those to prove they were in your locale.

  2. Swans are such beautiful and graceful creatures.

  3. Hi Gail, you were blessed to get so close to that beautiful swan!
    We love birds and I'd want to get a nice photo too lol!
    It's great that your hubby turned back for you to see it :-)

  4. How beautiful! At least we have cameras in our phones so we can get at least some sort of picture in moments like that! They turned out great!