Monday, July 4, 2011

Celebrating our History

I've never been a history buff, but I married one.  My husband, Rabbi Jem Golden, is like a walking, living, breathing history book, complete with dates no less. 

Jem often speaks to groups, and I wish you could hear him speak of his fervent, passionate love for America.    He is very proud of the fact that men in his family have fought not only in the War for Independence, but in every war America fought up through his own two tours of duty in Viet Nam.  These brave men in the Golden family not only fought for Americans' freedom, but also for the freedom of those in foreign countries.  I'm very proud of my own family's history in America's wars.

When we married five years ago, I'd never attended a patriotic parade, and quite honestly knew very little about the history of our country.  My husband educated me and I began to develop a desire to know more. I started to research not only my country, but also  those patriots who fought for our freedom and formed our founding documents:  The Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Because of the study both Rabbi Jem and I have done, we are both energized to educate others about the history of our country, especially as it relates to it's Judeo-Christian roots.  We are energized because we see a deliberate effort to remove the facts of that heritage from our children.  We are soberly aware that there are those who would like to strip not only the history of the influence of the Scriptures on our culture, but also to remove the influence of the Constitution from our government entirely. 

Recently, we attended a public reading of the Constitution. Each person attending received a small, personal copy of the Constitution in booklet form.  A different person read each section while the audience followed along. The reading of this document was disconcerting because I recognized not only how precious these freedoms are, but also the devious efforts afoot to remove their protections.  I took an oath that day to defend the Constitution. 

Are you aware that every member of the military takes an oath to defend the Constitution?  Our governing members of Congress, our Senators, as well as our President also take that oath.  Within the last year, the members of Congress did a pubic reading of the Constitution on the House floor.  Some members were outraged and voiced their anger saying it was a waste of time.  Others refused to attend.  There is also a move among government officials to remove the Constitution and Bill of Rights as guiding documents because they are "archaic" and "irrelevant" to life in our modern society.  These are dangerous ideas. 

I want to encourage you to study the documents mentioned above for yourself, while noting the references to Divinity.  An excellent resource to find and read these and other historical documents is  Wall Builders.  I hope you will open up this treasure chest that reflects the Judeo-Christian heritage of our country.  I am passionate about educating people on these facts.

While researching the U.N.'s Agenda 21, Jem and I learned of plans to change the way history is taught in public schools.  The plan is to begin history education at the post-Civil War period.   You may scoff at such an idea, but hear me out.

Recently, I had my nails done in a salon operated by a  young Vietnamese couple.   I told them my husband had fought in Viet Nam.  They had no idea what I was talking about.  Both, in their twenties, had not been taught this in school or by their parents.  I also watched a television documentary recently about Germany which stated that public school students are not taught about Hitler, the Holocaust, or the country's part in World War II.  That is frightening, because the same thing is happening in America.

Our country's heritage is rich with the influence of men and women who not only believed in the Bible, but applied it's teachings in forming our country.  I hope you will research this yourself, and join the fight to keep these principles in the forefront of our policy making for the future.  You may be called politically incorrect, but you will be "fully" correct and will know how to support your beliefs with the facts.



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  1. Happy Independence Day Gail!
    Hope you have had a nice day.

    You are so right about the things you are saying
    here, it is hard to believe that they can do that
    to our rich history, but today people can pretty much do whatever they want it seems! but God.....

    My brother did two tours of duty in Viet Nam as well, and I might add was not treated very well
    by our country when he arrived back here....along
    with many other veterans!! It was shameful really! I am so grateful to all of our military personnel past present and future that protect our rights to freedom.

    May God Bless America, and May America continue to Bless Israel...............

    Blessings Abundant, Nellie

  2. You are so right. Thx for sharing your thoughts. We have so much to celebrate and be glad for! U.S.A.!!!!!!!!!

  3. I wish I could hear your husband speak of this great patriotism. I am really fearful for kids growing up now and future generations. Political correctness is in the process of destroying our country (in my opinion.)
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful thoughts.

  4. I learned a lot here today! Thanks :) A great post for July.