Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shabbat Shalom

G-d & me in nature = a sweet shabbat
Sweet Sabbath to you.

 Do you know the shalom (peace) of Shabbat?

Shabbat/Sabbath...they are the same.  The day G-d said to set aside for Him. 

It is a day for worship and praising G-d, yes, but also for relaxation and re-rejuvenation.  In our busy world today, rest is needed more than ever.  A time to stop, be still, and know that He is G-d.

candle-lighting on Shabbat
My Sabbath begins on Friday evening at our synagogue with a time of praise and worship with music, liturgy, and prayer.  This is followed by Torah study led by my husband, Rabbi Jem.  We finish the evening with oneg (food & fellowship).  Would it surprise you to know that we often stay at the service from 5 pm till 10:30 or 11 pm?  We enjoy our mizpokah (family) and linger long to talk and share.

The beauty of G-d's creation
After a night of sweet sleep, I rise for more time with my Father.  I love to sit on my porch all day (often in my pajamas), drinking hot tea while I enjoy my favorite pass-times:  reading the Word, journalling, drawing and painting, writing poetry, and watching the wild-life in my backyard.

a blackbird and a woodpecker sharing a meal
Our flowers, pond and waterfall, bird-feeders and baths attract a wide variety of birds, squirrels and butterflies.  Father speaks to me as I consider them.  I listen to the lessons He teaches as I watch their antics and habits.  Peace fills me as I unwind from the duties of my week.

My cares and the pull of the world melt away as I find joy sitting at my Father's feet for a whole day.  My heart says "All  IS Well" and Shabbat shalom is sweet.

If you would like to share about your Sabbath, I would enjoy reading it.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these wonderful moments.

  2. I love this, Gail. Your posts are a real treasure to me. My husband and I love the Jewish roots. We have practiced Passover for 30 years because G-d told us to. Our church's Life Group asked us to present a teaching. I would love to ask you some questions. May I email you?

    Peace & love,

  3. Bless you, milady, for such sweet comments about my mom and her lily of the valley. I think it is a favorite of mine because it was a favorite of hers. I remember sketching it once on a retreat in a quiet garden. I got close to it and looked into the center of one of the little white bells. Do you know that - what I suppose to be the stamin - is at the base of the bell and shaped like a tiny red Star of David. That fascinated me - I drew a second sketch just of that.

    Joy to you!