Thursday, September 13, 2012

Beautiful Hospitality (Part 3 of 4)

I saved the best for last - the kitchen and pantry.  I loved seeing the silver, china and crystal at Bellingrath, and I hope you will too.  Enjoy this and as you do, imagine the parties Mrs. Bellingrath must have hostessed.  Wouldn't you love to have been invited?

I enjoy entertaining and having people in our home.  I always joke and say, "It makes me clean up!" When my girls were growing up, and I started cleaning like a mad woman, my daughter Melissa would ask, "Who's coming over, Mom?"  It's true.  I clean a little better for company.

On the topic of hospitality, I want to encourage you, dear readers, not to wait until you have beautiful "things" before you invite guests to your home.  You don't have to possess expensive china, silver, and crystal to entertain.  I don't!

I learned a great example about hospitality from a dear friend, Linda.  Years ago, she invited me to her home for lunch.  Linda had purchased matching paper plates and napkins for my visit.  I felt so special!  So, even paper plates can be a blessing to others.

I hope you enjoy this tour of the Bellingrath kitchen, pantry, and dining rooms as much as I did. 

Tomorrow, I will share the epiphany I experienced at Bellingrath.

This is the beautiful collection of silverware. 

Just off the kitchen is the small private dining room where Mr & Mrs. Bellingrath ate most of their meals.
This small pantry between the private dining room and the kitchen has a collection of glass bottles, including some of the first Coca-Cola bottles produced.
The kitchen was re-done in the 40's, but has not been updated since then, but still looks so up to date. 

The counters are made of nickle, and looked very modern.

I loved the cabinets with the silver knobs.  Up top is Mr. Bellingraht's German beer stein collection.
The beautiful collection of crystal and glass serving pieces.
 And now, on to the pantry:

The pantry has a lovely view of the river. 

The china.  Don't you love the display?

A punch bowl that I found so attractive...made me want to have a party!

I love pink dishes...and these made me weak.

Now...get ready to see some amazing silver serving pieces.  My favorites of her collection.

Don't you just love these beauties?

Drool worthy, right?  She probably had a full-time person just to polish the silver.
 Off the pantry is yet another dining room...if you're counting, that makes three!
This is my favorite room.  A porch converted to a dining room.

This lovely room looks out over the Fowl River - so beautiful and inviting.

My husband's favorite part:  tapestries of Andrew Jackson, George Washington, and his mentor - General Robert E. Lee

Just look at the gorgeous crystal, the tablecloth...and those beautiful chairs.  

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