Friday, October 25, 2013

31 Days of His Wisdom - Day 25 - Idleness

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Proverbs 25:17 reminds me of my mama:

 don’t visit your neighbor too much,
    or he may get his fill of you and come to hate you.

When I'd go to visit someone, Mama used to say, "Don't wear out your welcome."   I think it is a Southern adaptation of Proverbs 25:17, don't you? She was teaching me to not stay too long, or visit too often.

This reminds me of a friend I had as a young woman.  She loved to come over to my house to visit.  Every day.  For hours.  This was okay at first, but eventually, she wore out her welcome.  I grew tired of entertaining her, feeding her, and listening to her.  I realized I was wasting time, neglecting my housework and other duties.  I also began to joining in with her discontent and complaining.  This grew into gossip.  I knew I was in trouble. 

G-d convicted me of these sins, after reading this passage in I Timothy 5:13

they learn to be idle, going around from house to house; and not only idle, but gossips and busybodies, saying things they shouldn’t.

It doesn't get any more clear than that, does it?  

When I told my friend I thought we were being foolish and needed to stop wasting time, she didn't receive my decision very well, and called me judgemental.  I had to let the relationship go because it was destructive to me and my family.  The last I heard, she continues to do the same behavior.

Proverbs says a great deal about friendships and idleness, and I consider this a very valuable nugget of wisdom, especially for women.  

Quotations are from The Complete Jewish Bible

Each time I read through Proverbs, something different jumps out at me.  This is ADONAI quickening His Word to my heart.  

As I go through this month of studying Proverbs, I hope you'll join me and read the chapter, too.  I'll share what stands out to me for that day.  

I'd love for you to share something He shows you through the day's reading. 
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This 31 day series will focus on the things I learned from Proverbs, as well as some things from Torah study, and will add in a sprinkling of what I've learned from Judaism. 

I will be posting daily through October 31.  To read the posts, just go to the Labels section on the left, and click on "31 Days of His Wisdom".

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