Saturday, November 23, 2013

Wisdom Wednesday #2

I found an interesting note in a Hebrew commentary this week related to a verse touched on in  last week's Wisdom Wednesday.  Verse 10 says:
א 10 Who can find an accomplished woman?
        Her value is far beyond that of pearls.

"The Hebrew word for accomplished (I use virtuous here on my blog) means valor, but much more than that; it includes the possession of whatever attributes are needed to carry out the task at hand." **

Doesn't that give you comfort?  It assures me that Hashem will show me what to do in this age and time.  How to deal with the crazy, busy, internet, electronically driven culture of today.  He will show me, and you, what to do if we seek His face.  He is not taken by surprise by today's culture.  His wisdom applies to all generations and all situations.

"The passage also begins an alphabetical acrostic as a further allusion to her all-encompassing virtues.  This passage has been interpreted as a metaphor for the Shechinah (Divine Presence), the Sabbath, the Torah, and the soul." **

You will note, when I quote the verses, there is a Hebrew letter at the beginning of the verse.  This is the alphabetical acrostic spoken of in the quote above.  My husband explained it this way, "She is a woman who possesses everything of G-dly character - from a to z (or aleph to tav in the Hebrew alefbet).

I want you to think about how blessed we are to have access to the Word of G-d in this day and time.  No other generation has been blessed as we are.  I can pull up a passage of Scripture and read it within seconds here on my computer.  I can listen to it on an MP3 or cd player.   People in years past had to go to a synagogue to hear it.  They did not have Torah scrolls in their homes.   The Bible was not even printed until the invention of the printing press in the 1600's.  A Bible in the home was not common place until the 1800's.  Those were large books, unlike the small sizes we can carry around today.

Realize what a special time we live in.  We are without excuse, beloved.  If we do not seek G-d's truth in this day, we can blame no one for our ignorance of the Scriptures.  I beseech you, again, to seek His wisdom - not a church's, a preacher's, a religion's or a denomination's.

Get a copy of the Scripture written from the Hebrew, so that you are not reading a watered-down, perverted version that will lead you astray.  The Complete Jewish Bible is available on Bible .  When I started doing this, I was shocked at the differences I found from the version I was reading.

Read the New Testament through the lens of the Torah so that you can see this truth:  G-d did not establish a new religion.  Yeshua was a Jew and He followed and obeyed the Torah.  He preached teshuva (repent and turn to Torah).  He didn't change the Sabbath.  He observed the Feasts and Festivals.  Once you study Torah, and apply it to your life, you will see big changes in your self, your home and your family.  His ways are Life!  When we follow His ways, we will be prepared for anything.

** quotations are from the Stone Edition of the Tanach

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