Sunday, July 6, 2014

7 Days of Prayer for America - Day 6

7 7 7: An Urgent Call to Prayer - DAY SIX
Worthy is the Lamb who was slain,
to receive all

"The Son is the radiance of G-d’s glory and the exact representation of His being, sustaining all things by His powerful word." -- Hebrews 1:3
  • We worship You, L-rd Yeshua  , as G-d in "homespun and sandals," come down to perfectly reveal to us the character of the Father. When we want to know what G-d is like, we can look at You. When we want to know what’s in His heart and what’s on His mind, we can look at You. You illuminate the darkness of our circumstances and the chaotic confusion of our world, giving hope for the future. You are the marvelous, everlasting and all-powerful Light that shines abroad in our hearts that we might no longer walk in the darkness of deception, fear, ignorance and evil, but in the love and light of Your glory.
  • I worship You as _____________
  • We repent of tarnishing Your glory with our bitterness, meanness, unforgiveness, pridefulness, unkindness, rudeness, self-righteousness or any sin that makes others think less of You. We repent of giving others the impression that You tolerate sin because we do.
  • We repent of hiding Your glory in our denominational loyalty that can lead to divisiveness and exclusiveness so that we make others feel they are on the periphery of Your inner circle, and so feel alienated from You.
  • We repent of lashing out to wound others when we’ve been wounded, and so perpetuate the cycle of pain within Your Body, diminishing the radiance of Your unconditional love, mercy, and grace.
  • We repent of running from Your marvelous light back into dark areas of old habits, forbidden relationships and seductive pleasures.
  • We repent of giving You glory, while taking a 10% commission for ourselves.
  • I repent of____________
  • We choose to give You all the glory, and reflect Your glory accurately and winsomely, through the powerful presence of Your Spirit within us, so that others are irresistibly drawn to You.
  • I choose now to___________
  • We ask, as we repent of our sin, that You cleanse and fill us with Yourself so that Your Body is filled with Your glory.
  • We ask that Your Body, once again, be the Light of the world, like a city on a hill that cannot be hidden, beckoning the lost to come home to You.
  • We ask that our conduct and character would make others want to know You, to love You, and to put their trust in You.
  • I humbly ask that__________

Anne Graham Lotz and I invite you to pray with us for 7 Days, July 1 through July 7, and then pray and fast for 7 hours on July 7.  (to learn more HERE)

I hope you will join this prayer effort and spread the word, even if you start late.  

I will be posting prayers for each of the 7 days.  

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