Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thankful Thursday - Pond Tour 2014 - #3

Today, I'll continue with the tour of Becky's garden.  You can see the first part of her yard HERE

The picture above is at the far right side of the back yard, at the end of the pool.  Becky has some beautiful yard art, and I particularly liked this angel.

Just to the left of the angel is a beautiful patio area, sheltered by a bougainvillea covered wooden trellis. The patio has a pizza oven as well as a regular over.  Can you imagine cooking and eating in this lovely spot?

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I love those twinkle lights and the trim on the trellis.  So pretty.

The plant pictured directly above is the trunk of the bougainvillea plant.  Bougainvillea is abundant in this area, and I always enjoy seeing the different colors.  We have fuscia, light pink, white, coral and purple varieties. The flowers bloom most of the year here on the coast.  It is beautiful, but has vicious thorns that can really scratch if you're not careful.

Another wall in the trellis area, with a sweet little fountain and hanging candle holders.  Becky's husband did all of the tile work here, too.  You can see more of his handiwork in the previous post.  

My son-in-law and grandson enjoyed taking a break to play tic-tac-toe in the shade.  Becky painted the ladybugs, too.  Looks like the little one is winning.

Here's a little peek into the next section of Becky's garden.  I'll show you that next week.  But before we go, here are a few more lovelies from the trellis area.

Brilliant crotons

Exotic bromiliads - wonderful, but they hold water and breed mosquitos.

Bleeding hearts - I love them (but not the liberal kind).  That's a joke, Gail-Friends.  I hope you laughed out loud.  Come back next week to see the fourth installment of the pond tour.  I'll be showing you Becky's potting area.  You will love it.  

 Thankful Thursday is my weekly discipline - to express my gratitude to Hashem for His over-flowing, abundant blessings. 


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  1. Lovely photo's Gail. I enjoyed this virtual tour!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Kathryne. Come by again soon.

  2. Wow that is an amazing garden! I love the angle figurine and the trellis. Can't wait to see what you will show next week!

  3. this is how I want my garden to look when I get a house. It's so beautiful and restful and I'm a big fan of crotons and water fountains thanks for sharing on friendship friday have a great day

  4. I loved visiting today and it was such a good time as well. I'm so wanting to have a wall in my garden. I think it would add to peace and tranquility to make a cement wall with seaglass peeking out of it everywhere, I'm excited to get started. Love the water fall idea

    1. Cindy, I love your idea of the seaglass,and I hope you'll share it with me when you build it.