Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wisdom Wednesdays - Emunah

Emunah is the Hebrew word for faith.  The Scriptures mention it many times throughout the New and Old Testaments.  

As a young woman, I set a goal to become a woman of faith.   I had several mentors in my life who showed great faith, and I aspired to be like them.  These women spoke of their faith in Hashem, of the Scriptures, and encouraged me to pray and live a life of faith.  That was my heart's desire then, as well as now.

I remember attending a teacher's meeting where we were required  to memorize I John 5:14-15 (KJV)

14 And this is the confidence that we have in Him, that, if we ask any thing according to His will, He hears us:
15 And if we know that He hears us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of Him.

I grumbled to one of the older ladies sitting near me, "I hate memorizing things, don't you?" 

She turned and looked deep into my eyes, smiled and seemed to glow, "Oh, no, Gail.  Hiding G-d's Word in our hearts makes those precious promises so much more helpful to us.  Think about this promise, Gail: we can have CONFIDENCE that He HEARS US when we ask for something that is His will.  Isn't that wonderful?  But there is more, Gail.  He not only hears us, He also promises to give us what we pray for."  She was really excited about it, and she made me excited, too.

The Bible verse came alive to me that day.  I memorized it, clung to it with my whole heart, and I still repeat it to myself.  

I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that when we pray for someone to come to Yeshua, and believe in and surrender to Him, He will answer that prayer.  One reason I believe this is because His heart's desire is for all men and women and children to come to Him.  This is His purpose in making this world and everything in it.   This is His purpose in preserving His Holy Word over thousands of years.  

I prayed for my father to bow the knee to G-d until he was seventy-five years old .  It happened on his death bed.  Every time I visited him, I begged him to surrender.  After several days, he repented in tears and surrendered to Yeshua.  I will never forget the vision I had at that moment.  I saw a completely black sky.  Then I saw a tiny speck that glowed like a twinkling star.  It grew bigger and bigger and came closer and closer.  Then I saw it - a newly born baby, completely naked.  I knew my father had been born again at that moment. My prayers, and of many others, had been answered. 

I remember, as a little girl,the many times a preacher would come and talk to my father about surrender.  Daddy never would.  How sad that all those years were lost.  

Over the past few months, three of my most fervent prayers for people to surrender to Hashem have been answered:
  1.  One I prayed for four years.
  2.  One I prayed for twenty-five years. 
  3.  One I prayed for thirty-six years.
Never give up, Gail-Friends.  Have faith, and when your faith grows weak, pray for more faith.  That's another prayer I know Hashem will hear and answer.

We'll talk about faith more next week.  

I would love to hear your praises for answered prayer.


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  1. My father came to faith the day before he died, so I know exactly where you're coming from. And oh, there are soooo many benefits to memorizing Scripture! I just wish I would've started sooner back when things "stuck" better.

    1. Oh, Lisa, I'm so glad your father surrendered. Thank you for sharing that answered prayer. And, yes, I do agree with you about having a tough time memorizing now. I'm amazed, though, how "stuck" those scriptures are that I memorized as a child. We have a promise that those Holy Words will not return void. They have accomplished much.

  2. We believe my dad came to faith on his deathbed.
    He was in the hospital when he died.
    No one in my family saw his passing.
    The hospital called, but we were too late.
    However, my brother went to see him, after he passed, and said he looked so peaceful.
    I live in a different state, so I couldn't be there.

  3. It is so good to hear that your prayers have been answered. Hope you have a fantastic day.

  4. An encouraging word of steadfast faith! And, don't you love those wonderful mothers in the Lord He gave us in our baby Christian days? I think of them and their influences on my walk and faith daily. Thanks for sharing at All Things Bright and Beautiful!