Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thankful Thursday - The Land of Flowers

Bougainvillea - in varying colors

This week with all the ice and snow covering most of the country, I am ever so thankful to live where people vacation -- sunny, central Florida.  When this area was discovered, they called it the land of flowers.  This is so appropriate, because flowers grow here all year 'round, and I love it.

I saw these bougainvillea growing along a sidewalk near our home, and had to stop and take pictures.  I'd never seen so many colors grouped together like this.  The home owner must love it as much as I.  One thing about the plant I don't love, though, is the sharp thorns.  The bush can grow as tall as a house, and can be a bear to maintain.  I have a picture somewhere of one that was about ten feet high and had tunnel that you could walk through.  It was beautiful sight to see.  It was cut down to the ground recently. (sad face)

Here are a few more flowers that make me smile and make me praise the Creator:


Lantana - the butterflies and bees love it

Shrimp plant

Elephant ears in bloom

What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. Hi,

    This post actually made me cry..silly me.
    I grew up in central Florida (Crescent City).
    The picture with the house brought tears as I remembered my small hometown.
    I understand things have changed greatly, with gangs, meth labs, etc.
    My parents no longer live there. My dad passed in 2010 & my mom is in a nursing home in Palatka.
    My mom grew flowers year 'round and could name many of them. She always had the most beautiful yard.
    Now, she can't remember the names of any of them.
    Actually, thank you for the memories. May G-d Bless you!

  2. I, too, have memories of a Florida neighborhood that has changed in the same way, Michelle. And my mother is in a nursing home as well. It warms my heart that my post touched you...tears are good. They show our hearts are tender. Sounds like you have some wonderful memories to comfort you.

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving an encouraging word for me today.


  3. Gail, I'm enjoying this post as I wake to snow in South Jersey this morning--just the beginning of the next two days worth of the "historic storm" they've predicted for us. By this time tomorrow, we'll be buried with up to 20" (so they say) and my son and his family in New England could have twice that!

    So, you must know what a balm of joy your flowers are to me today in my three layers and fingerless gloves. And snow. Much too much of it, in the forecast.

    As I age, snow is delightful to look at, but the grim realities of slippery walkways (I fell flat last year and was in back pain for 8 weeks) and hazardous driving tends to steal the joy from the beauty of the scene out the window. Also, our neighborhood is not high on the city's list of snow plowing. A few years ago, we had two feet of snow and weren't plowed for three days!

    Ah! Florida flowers!

    Thanks for linking in this month at All Things Bright and Beautiful! Always look forward to visiting you, milady!

    1. I pray for y'all to be safe and stay warm, Kathy. Looks like many are going to be affected.

      Thanks for stopping by today and for your kind comments.

      Take care of yourself, and don't slip.

      Love and blessings,