Thursday, April 9, 2015

Wisdom Wednesday - Remembering Passover

Passover is about remembering the exodus from Egypt, and calling to mind the miracles G-d wrought for our salvation as a people.  Personally, this commanded Feast reminds me that my Heavenly Father will provide for me and guide me.

This reminder is comforting in this perilous time in America, as we see so many of our freedoms being destroyed.  When I get a bit overwhelmed by the news, I call to mind the Exodus story, and I remember He is with us

Here are a few pics of our Passover seder.  Our five year old grandson read the four questions:

 Why is this night different from all the rest? 
Why do we eat matzah?
 Why do we dip the bitter herbs twice?
 Why do we recline at the table tonight? .

We were very proud of him for reading so well and speaking loudly so everyone could hear.  We think he's remarkable, extremely intelligent and cute, too.  We may be a bit prejudiced and be bragging a bit, but if you're a grandparent, I know you understand.

Singing the traditional, "Dayanu".

The affikomen was wrapped in this towel.  It had been hidden before the service.

The children, looking for the affikomen.

Our grandson found it.

Then came the negotiation with Paw-Paw to redeem it.  This is a picture of the redemption from sin by Yeshua our Messiah.  The little one wanted $10, but Paw-Paw got him down to $5 .  

He was happy, happy, happy!

Looking for Elijah.  He wasn't there, but we believe he is coming soon. Very soon. With Mashiach ben David, Yeshua.

We always set a place for him at the table because we expect him to appear, and have faith that he will.  Soon. I am so ready for His appearing, and I say, "Come, L-rd!"

We all sang the traditional song, "Eliyahu" and "At the Seder We Remember".  You can listen to that song in my previous post.

Then our Torah scroll was removed from the ark and paraded around the synagogue.  Tears glistened in so many eyes as they touched and kissed it.  We don't worship it as an icon, but we treasure it, and honor it because G-d's Word is sweet, like honey to our lips.

We ended the blessed and happy evening with the traditional saying, "Next year in Jerusalem."

Yeshua celebrated this feast on the night before He was crucified.  He told us to celebrate it, too, in remembrance of Him.  So much of the seder points to our Messiah.  To learn more about Passover and enjoy music from  my past posts, click on this LINK.

I'd love to hear about your Passover celebration, too.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your faith and the culture of your celebration.

    1. Nice to meet you Gayle, and thank you for the kind words. I hope you'll come back by again soon.