Friday, July 17, 2015

Thankful Thursday - Peace in Dark Days

This is a pic of a photo purchased at the museum ( by Gail Golden)

The photos above and below are of a sculpture I saw recently during a visit to the Polasek Museum in Winter Park, Florida. The image is titled "Mother Crying Over The World" by Albin Polasek.

photo of the sculpture  by Gail Golden

I was so struck by this image.  It depicts my grieving heart  in a tactical form.  Lately, I have wept and grieved over the things happening in my country and in my world.  These are the things that have been on my mind lately:

  • The murder of nine worshippers in a church in North Carolina.  Hy heart hurts for the families and loved ones left behind.
  • The subsequent banning of a Confederate flag as a sign of hate.  I am seeing my Southern culture and history attacked as racist.  I am not a racist.  I don't hate anyone.  I love and honor my Confederate ancestors who fought in the war, and I don't want their memories destroyed.
  • The SCOTUS decision to approve homosexual marriage and the subsequent evil, depraved images I've seen as they paraded their sin in the streets.  I'm seeing Christian people attacked because of their stand in saying homosexuality is wrong and refusing to participate in depravity.
  • The selling of aborted babies body parts by Planned Parenthood.  This is so horrible, that my stomach turns when I think about it. 
  • The murder of American soldiers on an American base, by a Muslim terrorist.  I'm also grieved that our soldiers are unarmed on the military bases and left to be sitting ducks for murderers.

These things are on my mind.  I am grieved and groaning in my spirit.  

I have to seek peace.  I have to cling to G-d's hand in such terrible times.  I have to read His Word and remember that He is in control.  I have to remind myself that He allows evil.  I don't know why, but He does.  I have to say out loud, "You do all things well.  Blessed be Your Name."  As I praise Him, my heaviness leaves me.

So, today, I am thankful for peace.  He gives it to me when I turn to Him and seek His face.  

I'm also thankful for prayer.  I can pour out my heart to Him. I can pray for my country and its people to repent and turn to Him and His ways.  I can cast my cares in His loving hands, and believe that He hears my prayers. 

He promised me His love, and His comfort during dark days and troubled times.  I know it's true because I feel His sweet peace fill me when I turn my eyes on Him.


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