Friday, September 4, 2015

Thankful Thursday - The Discipline of Praise

Do you find it hard to be thankful at times?  I do.  For instance, when my country is falling down a deep dark hole, which is right now. (see my previous post)  I'm glad G-d has taught me the discipline of praise.  I didn't come to it easily.  It is a habit developed over many years of trials and trouble.  That's why I can still praise Him even when things are dark.  

I've learned that thankfulness and praise lift my spirit. These disciplines take my focus off my problems and on to Hashem.  When I do that, my spirit lifts and my JOY returns.  

I call thankfulness and praise "disciplines" because in the past, I tended to worry and wallow around in my problems..thinking and thinking and thinking, like a hamster on a wheel.  Like the hamster, those thought patterns didn't get me anywhere except down into a pit of despair.  But now, praise be to Hashem, I don't do that any more.

I deliberately begin to thank Him and praise Him and oh, the JOY that floods my soul.  There is a Scripture that says, "Put on the garment of praise to defeat the spirit of heaviness."  It works, Gail-Friends.  So, here we go with my gratitude list for this week.

I'm thankful to live near so much water and so many birds.  We took a ride to Sand Point and enjoyed this beautiful scene

I'm  grateful to live near the beach.  On this day last week, the storms were rolling in.  The beauty is breath-taking.  The sea grape leaves look bright and colorful right now.  The photo below shows the fruit.  They are edible, and I have a friend who makes sea-grape jelly out of them.  I've never tried them.

I'm always thankful to spend time with our grandson.  He was fascinated to see bananas growing on a tree at our local library.  I'm grateful to be able to see the world through the eyes of a child.  There is nothing like it.

Each week, at the synagogue, we sing the Hebrew song, "Hodu L'Adonai" (Give Thanks to the L-rd).  After we sing it, in Hebrew and English, Rabbi Jem asks each of us to tell the congregation what we are thankful for this week.  It is a JOY-filled discipline.  I love hearing the praises rise to Hashem.  I know He loves it, too.  The Scriptures say, "He inhabits our praises," which means He is there with us, listening.

I love, and am very thankful for music.  It is one of the greatest JOYs of my life.  Here's the song I mentioned:

What are you thankful for this week?

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