Thursday, December 24, 2015

Thankful Thursday - What Can I Give Him?

At Chanukkah, we celebrated Yeshua as the Light of the World. It was a peace-full and joy-full time at home and with our synagogue family.  Our electric menorahs will stay in the windows all month as we are continuing to celebrate that Yeshua our Messiah was born.  Although we don't know exactly when, we join in the acknowledgement of His coming. ( Follow this link to see how we combine Chanukah with a celebration of Yeshua's birth:  Christmas Unplugged)

Aren't you glad that His name is being spoken?  Aren't you glad that a day is set aside to recognize Him?  Aren't you glad that the Christmas carols on the radio acknowledge and worship Him?  It's a WONDER-FULL time of JOY!

There is also another spirit at work, though. Are you feeling the "push" of the season?  Do you feel compelled to do more, buy more, cook more, give gifts to more people, send out more cards, have more parties? Do you feel like you haven't done enough?  I can feel that spirit in the air, and it is not from ADONAI.  That evil spirit is satan, who wants to steal, kill and destroy. It wants to keep us so busy and so focused on "more" that we miss the whole blessing of the season.  I'm so thankful that my loving, Heavenly Father has led me to a new and peace-FULL, rest-FULL, and more meaning-FULL celebration.

Let's think of what we can give HIM this Christmas.  Let's give HIM these things:

and most of all our

 Let's remember that He came for this purpose:

"To give Light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, 
to guide our feet into the way of peace" (Luke 1:79).  

Let's show His love to those around us:  our family, friends, neighbors, and those we connect with each day.  Let's give them our time and attention, love and care all year long...not just at Christmas. Let's guide them to love and observe His ways because that is the way to peace.

Let's not Christmas lightly, because forces are at work to remove acknowledgement of His coming altogether.  I've read news stories this month of how atheists are being successful in removing these celebrations from public schools, government  displays, and meetings.  Office workers are now having "winter holiday / solstice parties".  An atheist has been allowed to put up a rainbow pole alongside a Christmas display in our state capitol.  The Muslims are also pushing to remove Christmas completely because it offends them.

I'm thankful that we are still a nation with a Judeo-Christian basis and ethic, but these beliefs are under attack by the evil one.  He wants to steal, kill and destroy every acknowledgement of ADONAI.  So, let's enjoy this season.  Let's say "Merry Christmas" to all. When we do, we take His Name and His Light into the world.

I pray you and your family have a blessed a worship-FULL Christmas.

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