Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thankful Thursday - Birds and Gators

Roseate Spoonbill

I'm thankful for birds and gators this week.  We saw lots of them on our tour of the Refuge this week.  The Space Coast Birding Festival was wrapping up, so we were among many photographers on Black Point Trail.

I'm always excited to see the "rosies" as I call them.  We had three sightings that day, some in groups, but this one lone rosie was my favorite.  He stayed put and let me take dozens of shots. Isn't it beautiful?  Oh the wonders of G-d's creativity.

Lots of ducks that day, too.  Many varieties, whose names I do not know.  I just enjoy watching them dive for food.

We snuck up on a pair sleeping on a little island.

And here is a beautiful anahinga drying its wings.  They don't have oil glands on their feathers, so after swimming and diving, they have to dry them out. These are large birds, about 2-3 feet long, with wingspan of 4-5 feet. They are glorious to see, and  I always think of them as praising the Father when they do this.

A snowy egret, waiting for a fish to come through the drain pipe.

If you only go to Disney, you're missing the REAL Florida - so beautiful!
We not only saw birds, we say GATORS -- FIVE OF THEM.  Well, quite honestly, that's not really a lot.  Once, we saw 45 in one day.  On cold days, they like to lie on the banks in the sun.  This is the biggest one we saw.  We call him Big Bubba because we've seen him before, and this is his favorite spot.  He is easily 10 - 12 feet long.

Here's another - about 8-10 feet long.  He's coming for us! Yikes!  Don't ever mess with an alligator, Gail-Friends.  They swim and run very, very fast.

And another -- about 6-8 feet long.  He has a mean look doesn't he?

Isn't this dog just the cutest?  He's spotting birds for his owner, and I can tell he's having as much fun as she.

As we were leaving the trail, I spotted a elusive and quick.  They never sit still for very long.  Adding a close-up shot of one to my bird nerd bucket list. **see my post on 2/19/16...I checked that one off my bucket list.  Thank you, Father!

We saw this in the skies on the way home.  It looked like a round rainbow.  Very pretty.

What are you thankful for this week, Gail-Friends?

Thankful Thursday is my day to focus on, and be grateful for, all the good things in my life.


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  1. I love the Spoonbill birds...I've only seen them at Homosassa Springs but they really fascinate me, so beautiful, so PINK! I love living in Florida!

    1. Aren't we blessed to live in paradise? I'm so thankful to have lived here all my life.

  2. Lovely captures, Gail. Have a blessed weekend!