Friday, April 8, 2016

Thankful Thursday - Small Occasions

What a blessed week.  Busy, but abundantly blessed.  I'll start out with Bentley, who is my next door neighbor's cat.  Many mornings, I look out the porch door to see her sitting by the pond, doing her morning meditation.  She is most assuredly a kindred spirit. I'm thank-FULL that Bentley visits our backyard.

Speaking of the pond, my sweet husband has been hard at work making it beauty-FULL.  I'm so thank-FULL for my own Mr. Green Jeans. (You have to be as old as me to know who that is.)

Here are some of the pretty flowers in bloom.

Our passion flower has half a dozen blooms.  I don't know why the petals are cast down.  Usually they are more horizontal.  Any gardeners out there who know the answer?

Here is a sweet dove, enjoying the pond.  They say doves don't stay where there is noise and chaos.  We have many that visit Golden Cottage every day.  I prize peace above everything, and I'm so thank-FULL for the peace I have in my life during this season. These truly are the Golden Years.

 Here are a few birds I haven't identified yet.

This tiny one had a definite green cast.  It might be a female painted bunting.  I haven't seen any males lately, though.

This one is still a mystery, as is the one below.

It has a definite yellow back end.  I think it might be a palm warbler, but I'm not sure.  One rainy day, I caught the same one bathing in the puddles in the elephant ears.  It was so beauty-FULL, I had tears in my eyes.  Such a small occasion can bring such JOY.  I wish the photo was better, but the memory will stay with me.  I know I'm a bird nerd, but I really love to watch them, and I'm so thank-FULL for the ones that visit my yard. 

 What are you thank-FULL for this week, Gail-Friends?

Thankful Thursday is my day to focus on and be thankful for all of the good things in my life.


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