Friday, August 26, 2016

Sabbath Music - Hine El Yeshuati

Last Erev Shabbat, I went to the service but had to leave early.  After the week of travel and grief, I could barely hold up my weary head.  I went home to my comfy bed and slept for about twelve hours.  I continued to rest on Shabbat and began to feel energized again.  G-d is good.

Oh, the blessings of Shabbat.  Oh, the joys of this set-apart time to reflect, refresh and renew, to worship, to praise, to pray with mishpacha, to share our food together and enjoy each others company.  Best of all, we learn from the Scriptures. I love this prayer we say together at the synagogue before we begin to study the Torah together:

"Our Father, the merciful One, Who acts mercifully:  Have mercy upon us and place understanding in our hearts -- to understand and elucidate, to listen, to learn and to teach, to safeguard, to perform and to fulfill all the words of the study of Your Torah, with love, Amain."

A very good prayer, don't you think?

This song is sure to make your feet want to dance, so just do it!  Hine El Yeshuati , which means behold, G-d, my salvation I will trust.  Enjoy, Gail-Friends, and Good Shabbos to you all.


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