Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Prayer Place - Part 2

Prayer Request Cards at My Prayer Place

During my youngest daughter's teenage years, I often spent whole days praying at My Prayer Place  while she was in school.  The prayer chapel has a team of dedicated prayer warriors who pray over the written requests left in the room.   I, too, wrote prayer requests related to my daughter's problems.  Many of the cards were blurred by the tears that flowed as I wrote.

The teen years were rough and rocky, but we made it through with flying colors.  My prayers were answered. The rebellious teen developed into a beautiful G-dly young woman. Below are pictures of my daughter and her husband, eleven years later, praying together on their wedding day.   They went to My Prayer Place to pray together because they, too, had prayed there many times.

The joy I feel when I look at these pictures cannot be expressed unless you know about sowing in tears and reaping with joy.  The pictures from their wedding day were taken in 2005.  The picture of the baby is my grandson, who was born five years later, and after four miscarriages.  More joy and tears come when I look at this picture.

Sometimes prayers take time.  My daughter didn't marry young, and I'm so glad she waited.  Her husband is the answer to many, many prayers and he is a wonderful man, husband and father.   He was worth the wait.

My prayers for a grandchild took time, too.  My daughter (and all of us) suffered four miscarriages before the birth of their son.  He, too, was worth the wait.  He is the joy of my life.

Sometimes we pray and wait, but G-d is good.  Just as in gardening, we sow seeds and then we wait.  Joy comes when those seeds bear fruit.  The germination process through the reaping of the fruit is sometimes a long wait.

Last spring, we planted pepper seeds.  Those plants did not bear fruit until September.  I almost gave up and thought about pulling them out by the roots, because I thought they'd never bear.  Since the fall, however, the plants have continuously born fruit, and still have blooms coming out.

I have learned prayers are sometimes the same.  We pray.  Sometimes we pray and weep because we think the prayer should be answered immediately. Our Heavenly Father does know best.   He hears our prayers, and answers them in His own time and in His own way.  I know from personal experience, through many years and many tears, that He does all things well.  May His Name be praised for ever.
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  1. Beautiful post and soooo true! Thank you for sharing your heart! Blessings to you :-)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement to keep praying for my girls!

  3. Dropping by from spiritual sunday. Made me smile when you said that you are writing your prayer , coz I do too. I write them in notebooks andpray God'swords over them. Many unanswered prayers yet, but many answered prayers. I just put my trust in God. My entry is from " willyouhearfromme.blogspot.com"

  4. I like the idea of writing my prayers down - I think I will start doing that. Also, making sure I take the time to pray for others. Thanks for sharing.