Friday, April 19, 2019

Sabbath Music - Passover

Today, we have a double blessing.  Shabbat AND Passover begin at sundown.  Are you ready?  Are you attending a seder?   We're having one at the synagogue tomorrow.

Here's a Passover Playlist for your listening pleasure.

I pray for eyes and ears to open to the truths of the Passover seder.  I'll never forget my first seder when I saw Yeshua in the matzah.  That was the beginning of my journey to Messianic Judaism.

You can learn about Passover by clicking on the Passover link on the right side of this blog.

Since we celebrate Passover for eight  seven** days, I won't be posting during that time.  Chag Pesach Sameach and Shabbat Shalom to you, Gail-Friends.

graphic used by permission from A Little Perspective on Facebook

**my mistake (I must've been thinking of Chanukah, Gail-Friends!  (Laughing at my self.)


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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Thankul Thursday - My Crown & More Good News

I'll never forget the first time I saw my grandson's little face on the sonogram.  My heart filled to overflowing with LOVE and JOY!!  Did you know they have 3D color sonograms now?  I found this image on of a baby laughing in the womb.  You have to see it - a photo of the baby before and after birth Oh, Gail-Friends!  Isn't this amazing? 

Did you know I have a crown, Gail-Friends?  

 See the source image

You might have one, too.  Proverbs 17:6 says so:

 Grandchildren are the crown of the aged.

I'm so thankful for my grandson - my (nine-year-old)crown from Adonai.  He's such a JOY!  

my crown at age 5 or 6

I prayed for him a long, long time before he came into this world. His mother, Amanda, miscarried four little ones before Jonathan arrived.  We'll see those precious ones in heaven one day (my other crowns).  I'm praying for a granddaughter now!  

And good news --  I could  be getting another crown!!!  After nine, long years, Amanda said she's ready to have another baby and hopes for a girl! I can understand her reluctance to go through another pregnancy. After four miscarriages and a three-day labor with Jonathan, plus the fact that he was NOT a good sleeper, anybody would be reluctant.  Amanda never slept through the night till she was six years old!  I think it took me about twenty years to make up for the sleep deprivation she caused me!  But, she was worth it for sure.  Anyway,  I'm on top of the world, and pray it happens soon.  I told her that diet has an impact on what gender your baby will be.  Who knew?  Such good news, and you can read about it  HERE


Praise the Lord!  Halleuyah!  Just look at all of the good news this week, Gail-Friends!

The movie, Unplanned, is having a tremendous impact:   Almost 100 abortion clinic workers seek to leave the industry after seeing Unplanned

Conceived in rape, former Miss Pennsylvania shares why every human life deserves protection.  Read the story HERE

Florida's House passes pro-life bill requiring parental consent for abortion.  Read the story HERE.  

I'm so thankful for these steps forward in the fight to save the little ones.

Please join me in praying for more states to pass pro-life laws and for more babies to saved.  

Pray for the pro-life workers.

Pray for Roe v Wade to be overturned.

Pray for the girls and women who suffer anxiety, depression, and other mental torment from having an abortion to find the forgiveness and peace that Adonai offers through Yeshua, our Savior..

Many of the pro-life clinics show girls and women a sonogram of their little one, and this has a huge impact on their decision to keep the baby.  This color 3D image, mentioned above, should be even more successful.  Thank you, God, for this innovation!

Blessings to you, Gail-Friends, and I'd love to hear any good news you've had this week.

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Friday, April 12, 2019

Sabbath Music - A Jewish Prayer & a Bonus

I've been thinking about the return of Yeshua our Messiah.  The Scriptures say He will return with the sound of the trumpet, which is the shofar.  Since we always begin our Sabbath service with the shofar blast, I was thinking, perhaps He will come on that blessed day.  Something to ponder.

This song speaks of the longing for Messiah to come.  I long for it, too, and seek every day to be ready, with my lamp filled with His holy oil.  (See the parable of the ten virgins in Matthew 25).  The song is in Hebrew with English lyrics.

A Jewish Prayer

And I have a bonus for you, Gail-Friends.  Here's a song we sing every week.  The song speaks of welcoming the Sabbath and of the return of Messiah for His bride.  This song is also in Hebrew with English lyrics.

Lecha Dodi 

In the week ahead, we'll be preparing for Passover by getting the chametz (leaven) out of our homes.  This is a commandment of Adonai.  Leaven is representative of sin. We also search our hearts for any sin and get that out of our lives, too.  Such a wonderful and tangible lesson He has given us.

Good Shabbos to you, Gail-Friends! 

Thankful Thursday - Unplanned & The Pro-Life Movement

Today, I'm thankful for the many people in the Pro-Life Movement who have continued to work to end baby murder in the womb.  When Roe v Wade was passed in 1973, they didn't just shrug and give up.  They continued to pray and put feet to their faith to end this abomination.  They've continued to fight for the past "46" years!!!!  That's commitment.  That's faith!

I believe Roe v Wade will be overturned.  Great strides have been made since President Trump took office.  State legislators are putting new laws on the books to protect the little ones.  Granted, abortion has not been outlawed nationwide, but great progress is being made.  For these, I'm am thankful to Adonai and see them as answers to prayer.

Just this week the following states have made big changes:

Mississippi Governor Signs Abortion Ban: I Want to Tell the Lord “I Fought for Innocent Babies”

Texas Senate Passes Bill Stopping Infanticide, Requiring Medical Care for Babies Born Alive After Abortions. 

Ohio defunds Planned Parenthood and abortion industry

Let's all say a BIG HALLELUYAH !

We went to see Unplanned this week and, Gail-Friends, you just absolutely MUST see this movie.  And take a teen, or pre-teen, with you.  The movie has an R rating due to graphic content. I'll tell you there a couple of very short scenes with blood, but they are necessary to understand the truth about abortion.

I learned so much from this film. For instance, about the RU486 method, aka the morning-after-pill.  The media makes it sound so simple and painless.  Not true and the film shows the impact of this drug.

I was touched by this film to the very depths of my soul.  So many girls and women have believed the lies about abortion.  I've personally known some who have killed their babies through abortion.  It's an issue so close to my heart that I wept through the whole movie.

I wept, not only about the ones who aborted their children but for the babies who were never born. 

I wept for the workers who are so blinded by the lies in their industry.

I wept for the fathers, and grandparents, and other family members who lost having those little ones in their lives.

Abortion is thoroughly horrible.  It impacts so many lives.  Statistics show that girls and women who abort their babies suffer terrible emotional and mental problems afterward -- many for the rest of their lives.  I know some of them.

But, I also wept for the pro-life workers.  I'm so thankful for those faithful ones who stood outside the killing clinics day after day, holding signs, and speaking truth to the ones who came to kill their babies.  God bless them for their steadfastness and faith.  In the movie, those workers waited eight long years to see their prayers answered for Abby Johnson.

God bless Abby for telling her story.  And God bless the people who provided funds to make this movie.  One benefactor is Mike Lindell - the My Pillow guy.  I'm going to buy two of them this week!!

Unplanned is having an impact:

“Unplanned” Movie Gets 93% Positive Rating From Viewers, Moves Up to 4th Place at Box Office

I've thought about the movie all week -- and cried.  I feel convicted to do more to stop the killing.  I've stood on the street with signs. I've supported pro-life causes.  I've written and spoken out about the killing.  I've contacted my legislators.  I've prayed with and counseled girls and women about it.  But, I know I can do more.  I'm seeking Adonai's face about what my role is to be going forward.   One thing I know to do is to encourage you to see the movie.

Another thing I know is this:  If you've had an abortion, God will forgive you.  

When we turn away, disobey and follow our own way, we reap death.  When women choose abortion, they experience death. Not only the death of the aborted baby but death in their spirits.

The aftermath of an abortion is like a beautiful piece of furniture with a deep scratch across the surface.  Marred, but still beautiful and still useful.   There is hope.   Peace is possible.

Beloved, if you have had an abortion, you must agree with God that abortion is murder.
Ask His forgiveness for your sin.
Receive that forgiveness as an unmerited gift.  Yeshua died and rose again to pay for your sin.
Thank Him for it daily.
Make amends by speaking the truth about abortion.  Share your experience so that others will not go through what you did.

REMEMBER:  You are loved and forgiven. God can use you to help other women.  

Read His Word -- the Holy Bible -- and obey it.  His ways are LIFE 


Friday, April 5, 2019

Sabbath Music - Amazing Grace

graphic from MiYah music used by permission

I'm preparing for Shabbat this afternoon and looking forward to a restful, worship-full day ahead.  The song, Amazing Grace is a perfect meditation for this day.  This rendition by the Soweto Gospel Choir gives me glory bumps (aka chill bumps).  I don't think you can listen to it and not want to raise your hands in praise.  So, just do it!!!  Stand up! Raise your hands and thank Him for saving you!

Let's meditate on the grace that drew us to Yeshua our Messiah and His Torah of LIFE!!!!    Let's worship him and praise Him SEVEN TIMES TODAY!!  I was reading this verse today in Psalm 119:164(CJB)

I praise you seven times a day
because of your righteous rulings.
 Those who love your Torah have great peace;
nothing makes them stumble.

I thought,  SEVEN times - Wow!  Could I do that?  YES, I CAN because I have been so blessed "because of His Torah and Yeshua's blood!"  It's easy peasy if you do it like this:
  1. when I wake up
  2. at breakfast
  3. mid-morning
  4. at lunch
  5. mid-afternoon
  6. at dinner
  7. at bedtime

Thankful Thursday - A Movie & A Pro-Life President

This week, I'm so thankful for what's happening in my country.  We now have a president who's putting America first and working tirelessly to Make America Great Again.  He's keeping his promises.  But, sadly, he's hated unmercifully for it.

I've listed previously the many accomplishments he's achieved over the past two years, and there are many more since that post.  If all you watch for news is the MSM (main stream media = ABC, CBS, NBC, and the worst of all, CNN) you will not hear a word about the good this president is doing.   Here's an updated list:  PROMISES KEPT

I'm most encouraged by the steps he's taken over the last month to defund Planned Parenthood.  God will bless him and America for doing this.  Here is a list of what he's done related to preserving the lives of the unborn:

PROTECTING LIFE: (from the Promises Kept link)

"President Trump recognizes the precious gift of life and protects the sanctity of life at all stages.

In his first week in office, President Trump reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Policy that prevented $9 billion in foreign aid from being used to fund the abortion industry.
  • President Trump de-funded a U.N. agency for colluding with China’s brutal program of forced abortion and sterilization.
President Trump worked with the Congress to sign a bill overturning an Obama midnight regulation that prohibited States from defunding abortion service providers.
  • The Trump Administration published guidance which promises to enforce the Obamacare requirement that taxpayer dollars should not support abortion coverage in exchange plans.
Reinstated the Mexico City Policy to ban any U.S. foreign aid to organizations that perform abortions.

Signed a Congressional Review Act bill to allow states to restrict Planned Parenthood Funding."

AND just today, Vice President Mike Pence encouraged us to see the movie Unplanned, which is about an abortion provider who turned Pro-Life.  AMAZING!!!!

The movie is playing in many theatres this weekend, and we hope to see it.  I've heard good things about it.  It's actually the #4 box-office moneymaker right now.  Halleluyah!!!

 I'm so thankful that President Trump and Vice President Pence are NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT.

Please pray for our president.  He is hated and is in constant danger from people who are crazed with violent hate.  Especially pray for him this weekend as he visits the border wall.  I love the graphic attached to this article.  And the scripture verse about building the wall.

And if you have the time to read a LONG but VALUABLE AND WORTH IT article about the crime of the century, carried out by Obama and Hillary and others, check this out.  I am praying for swift justice for the treasonous acts of these people.  And I BELIEVE justice is coming.

Again, I'm so thankful that we have THIS president.  I pray for him and his family daily.  They are paying a high price for their courage and determination to right the wrongs done in the past by traitors to America.