Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Promises Made - Promises Kept


 Good Morning Dear Gail-Friends!

I'm sure that, like me, you are praying for our country and especially for the upcoming election.  We are at a crossroads in America, friends.  We have a choice of going forward as free people or bowing to a Socialist, Communist, New-World Order that rejects our Constitution.  

If you only listen to or watch the mainstream media, you will not know the following things about our current president, Donald J. Trump.  He has made promises to us and he has kept those promises.  Here's a list of his accomplishments:

President Donald J. Trump's Accomplishments 
(please note -- this is "only" within the last six months of 2020.  For a full list, visit the website Promises Kept.)

The Department of Veterans Affairs announced that 42 states and one U.S. territory signed the PREVENTS state proclamation pledging to prioritize suicide prevention for Veterans and all citizens.09.11.20
President Trump announced that Bahrain struck a deal to normalize relations with Israel, further reshaping alliances in the Middle East.09.11.20
The Trump administration issued guidance to allow state-licensed pharmacists to order and administer COVID-19 vaccines expanding convenient access to Americans.09.09.20
President Trump signed an executive order to ban oil drilling off the coasts of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, safeguarding the State’s shores and protecting critical jobs.09.08.20
Job growth marked the 4th largest gain in American history, 2.5 times better than any month under the Obama-Biden administration.09.04.20
The Administration announced the first comprehensive cybersecurity policy for systems used in outer space and near space, enhancing the nation’s cyber defenses in space.09.04.20
President Trump announced that Serbia and Kosovo have committed to economic normalization due to the Administration’s action.09.04.20
The Trump administration awarded $10 million to Copan Industries Inc, to expand the domestic production capacity of flock tip swabs to 14.4 million per month in support of COVID-19 testing.09.02.20
The Trump Administration announced foreclosure protection for displaced families and those affected by Hurricane Laura.09.01.20
The Trump Administration announced the award of nearly $72 million in support of carbon capture technologies.09.01.20
The United Arab Emirates formally abolished its 40-year boycott of Israel law, allowing UAE companies and individuals to trade directly with Israel.08.31.20
The Trump Administration extended the summer free meal program through the end of December, ensuring that all children have access to nutritious food as the U.S. recovers from the pandemic.08.31.20
The Trump Administration announced the OneRD Guarantee Loan Initiative to encourage private investments in rural communities across the United States.08.31.20
The Trump administration announced that the Military Spouse Employment Partnership rose by more than 22%, with 175,000 military spouses securing jobs through the program.08.27.20
The Administration awarded a $760 million contract to Abbott for delivery of 150 million rapid tests in the United States and potentially deploy testing to schools and other populations.08.27.20
The Administration announced an additional $1 billion for the Farmers to Families Food Box program to help farmers, distributors, and American families from the impacts from the coronavirus.08.25.20
President Trump signed an executive order to revitalize communities and invest federal resources in distressed areas, including opportunity zones which will save taxpayer dollars.08.25.20
The Trump administration announced the release of 1.5 million N95 respirators to 3,336 nursing home facilities, and the distribution of about $2.5 billion to increase testing, staffing, and PPE.08.25.20
The Trump administration announced that the USDA is investing $46 million to improve critical community facilities to benefit 363,000 rural residents.08.24.20
The Trump administration provided $15 million in funding opportunities to support socially disadvantaged veteran farmers and ranchers in an effort to help them successfully own and operate farms.08.21.20
The Trump administration announced the use of the Defense Production Act to apply priority rate order for contracts with Becton Dickinson and Quidel Corporation.08.20.20
Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, announced a new grant program that will assist higher education emerge from the coronavirus pandemic and provide expanded educational opportunities for students.08.19.20
The Trump administration announced their partnership with OnStar’s emergency services to improve access to current suicide prevention resources for Veterans.08.17.20
The Trump administration entered a $750,000 agreement with Plasma Technologies, LLC, to develop and optimize a process to produce higher yielding anti-COVID-19 immune serum for manufacturing.08.17.20
The Trump administration announced that they will be distributing $1.4 billion in relief funds to certain children’s hospitals to assist with the coronavirus impact.08.14.20
The Trump administration announced that the McKesson Corporation will be a central distributor for the future COVID-19 vaccines and related supplies needed to administer the vaccine.08.14.20
Due to the Trump administration’s coronavirus response, the fatality rate for Americans over the age of 70 has declined by about 85%.08.13.20
President Trump announced that Israel and the United Arab Emirates will fully normalize their diplomatic relations as part of a historic deal called the Abraham Accord, led by Trump’s Administration.08.13.20
The Trump administration announced a $371 million investment to improve rural electric infrastructure across 11 states.08.13.20
President Trump signed four executive orders to provide coronavirus relief including $400-per-week to out-of-work Americans, student loan relief, and eviction protection for renters and homeowners.08.08.20
The Trump administration has awarded more than $400 million in grants to end Veteran homelessness.08.07.20
President Trump signed an executive order increasing American Production for essential medical supplies and reducing the U.S. reliance on foreign producers of medicines.08.06.20
President Trump signed an executive order expanding access to telehealth services in order to ensure rural Americans access to healthcare.08.03.20
President Trump signed an executive order to prevent Americans from being displaced by foreign workers and offshore labor by using federal action to put American workers first. 08.03.20
The Department of Homeland Security announced an extension of its partnership with national pharmacy and grocery retail chains to continue to provide access to COVID-19 testing.07.30.20
The Trump Administration announced that the Department of Veteran Affairs has successfully reduced prescription opioid use in patients within the VA health care system by 64%.07.30.20
President Trump announced that export authorizations for liquefied natural will go through 2050 and signed four permits for pipeline and rail transport of fossil fuels.07.29.20
The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy released its 2020 Drug-Free Communities report finding that the Trump administration’s Drug-Free Communities Program lowered youth substance use.07.27.20
President Trump signed four executive orders to ensure that Americans are receiving the lowest price possible for their prescription drugs.07.24.20
The Department of Defense awarded a $4.9 million contract to Pall Corporation to increase industrial base expansion for medical ventilator components.07.23.20
The Trump administration’s agreement with U.S. based Pfizer will produce 100 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine, and once developed, the government can acquire an additional 500 million doses.07.22.20
The Department of Health and Human Services announced it will distribute $10 billion in a second round of high impact COVID-19 area funding to hospitals.07.17.20
The Environmental Protection Agency finalized 64 deregulatory actions, saving around $94 billion while combined emissions of criteria pollutants and their precursors dropped 7% under President Trump.07.16.20
The Trump administration announced it has saved $90 billion in regulatory costs to the economy and consumers. 07.16.20
The Administration allocated $400 million in coronavirus funding to enhance the VA’s emergency relief response for homeless Veterans or those at risk of homelessness during the coronavirus pandemic.07.16.20
The Administration announced an initiative to distribute faster COVID-19 testing to nursing homes in hotspots in the United States to help nursing home residents and staff. 07.14.20
President Trump enacted an executive order on the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative to improve access to education, training, and economic opportunities for Hispanic American students.07.09.20
The Trump administration announced a $1.6 billion agreement with Novavax Inc. to demonstrate commercial-scale manufacturing of the company’s COVID-19 investigational vaccine.07.07.20
The Trump administration announced the launch of the REACH program, a national public health campaign aimed to empower all Americans to play a critical role in preventing suicide.07.07.20
The Trump administration announced that 20 U.S. small businesses in 14 states will receive more than $3 million to research and develop innovative solutions to our nation’s transportation challenges.07.06.20
President Trump’s United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement trade deal will potentially add up to 588,000 jobs and grow U.S. GDP by $235 billion.07.01.20
The Trump administration launched a $3 million public safety campaign to combat child vehicular heatstroke deaths across the country.07.01.20
The Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Department of Homeland Security and the Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Agency distributed over 346 million masks for critical workers.06.29.20
President Trump ordered testing of more than 500,000 Americans each day which will soon be equivalent to 30 million people in the United States.06.25.20
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid announced guidelines for states on how to adopt a payment design and implement determinants for health beneficiaries, especially for those dually-eligible.06.22.20
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced a new commission, the Independent Coronavirus Commission on Safety and Quality in Nursing Homes aimed to review the impact of the virus.06.19.20
The Trump administration announced plans to invest $906 million in the Infrastructure for Rebuilding America discretionary grant program to improve communities and safety, and support economic growth.06.18.20
The Administration awarded $107.2 million to increase the health workforce in underserved communities to improve the quality, distribution, and diversity of health professionals in the United States.06.18.20
The Trump administration extended contracts from the first round of the Farmers to Families Food Box Program to help fill the hunger gap in communities across the country.06.17.20
The Department of Health and Human Services awarded $8 million to 73 organizations that will expand coronavirus training and technical assistance to federally funded health centers nationwide.06.11.20
The Trump Administration announced a nationwide extension allowing local partners who served free meals to kids during the health crisis to continue this summer, regardless of where the kids live.06.10.20
President Trump enacted an executive order delegating authority under the Defense Production Act to make meat packing facilities operate at more than 95% capacity, compared to 2019.06.09.20
President Trump’s efforts to save jobs and reopen the economy led to the U.S. labor market adding 2.5 million jobs in May, including 225,000 manufacturing jobs and 464,000 construction jobs.06.05.20
The Trump administration distributed more than 5 million food boxes in an effort to support American farmers and families who have been affected by the coronavirus.06.04.20
The Trump administration approved more than $545 million in payments to producers who applied for the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program.06.04.20
The Department of Health and Human Services announced a task order to provide $628 million to contract with Emergent BioSolutions advancing capabilities for a potential coronavirus vaccine.06.01.20
The Trump Administration announced that 15.5 million cloth facial coverings would be sent to the transportation workforce.05.28.20
The Federal Communications Commission’s COVID-19 Telehealth Program approved funding for 185 health care providers in 38 states and Washington, D.C.05.28.20
The USDA announced $1 billion in loan guarantees available to rural businesses to meet working capital needs during the coronavirus pandemic.05.22.20
The USDA provided assistance to producers of agriculture commodities who suffered a 5% or greater price decline due to the coronavirus.05.22.20
The Department of Health and Human Services announced $225 million in funding for Rural Health Clinics to support coronavirus testing efforts.05.20.20
The Trump Administration announced the framework and leadership for “Operation Warp Speed” in effort to accelerate the development of a coronavirus vaccine.05.15.20
The Department of Health and Human Services announced $5 million in new funding to support coronavirus research related activities.05.14.20
The Department of Health and Human Services awarded $15 million to 159 organizations across five health workforce programs increasing telehealth capabilities during the coronavirus pandemic.05.13.20
The Department of Health and Human Services announced the process to deliver the drug Remdesivir, which will be used to treat coronavirus patients in areas that have been hit hardest.05.09.20
The Department of Health and Human Services awarded $583 million to 1,385 HRSA funded health centers in all 50 states, DC, and eight territories, aimed to expand coronavirus testing.05.07.20
The USDA and the CDC worked with state and local officials to ensure the availability of a stable supply of protein for American consumers, while keeping employees safe.05.06.20
The Trump administration initiated the second round of the Paycheck Protection Program worth $175 billion, reaching 2.2 million small businesses.05.03.20
The Trump administration announced that the Office of Minority Health would invest up to $40 million in state and local organizations, strengthening efforts to test for COVID-19 and provide services.05.01.20
The Trump administration announced that the Department of Health and Human Services processed payments from the Provider Relief Fund for hospitals and rural providers responding to COVID-
The Trump administration announced the launch of a new COVID-19 Uninsured Program Portal in an effort to cover testing and treatment for uninsured individuals.04.27.20
The USDA announced a 40% increase in SNAP benefits to ensure that low-income families have enough food during the COVID-19 pandemic.04.22.20
President Trump directed the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the Assistant Secretary of Preparedness and Response to release a toolkit, maximizing resources based on each state’s needs.04.22.20T
The Department of Education announced an additional $6.2 billion in funding for higher education institutions during the COVID-19 crisis.04.21.20The Department of Health and Human Services announced an expedited process to release emergency grants for treatment of substance use disorders and mental illnesses during the COVID-19 crisis.04.20.20
The Department of Transportation announced an additional $10 billion for commercial and general aviation airports, funding operations and saving workers’ jobs during the COVID-19 crisis.04.14.20 
The U.S. Border Patrol Chief announced 158 miles of the wall completed, 192 miles under construction, and 403 miles in pre-construction, fulfilling the President’s promise to secure the border.04.13.20
The USDA released a resource guide with programs that can provide assistance to rural communities affected by COVID-19, fulfilling the President’s promise to support rural America.04.13.20
The Department of Education announced a new process, providing funding flexibilities to states to best meet the needs of students and educators during the COVID-19 pandemic.04.06.20
The Department of Health and Human Services announced that the CDC is providing $186 million to fund resources to state and local jurisdictions to combat COVID-
The Department of Health and Human Services announced that state, tribal, and territorial health labs will have access to ID Now, providing COVID-19 test results in under 13 minutes.04.06.20
The Small Business Administration launched the Paycheck Protection Program, a $349 billion emergency loan program, created after President Trump’s signature on the CARES Act.04.03.20
Directed by the Trump Administration, the USNS Comfort, a Navy hospital ship, arrived in New York City, providing up to 1,000 beds and freeing up beds at hospitals focused on combating COVID-
President Trump signed a relief bill to mitigate the worst effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the U.S. economy and aid areas in the U.S. that have been the most affected by the virus.03.27.20
Under the direction of the Trump Administration, the U.S. Navy Hospital Ship Mercy arrived In Los Angeles to help relieve local hospitals that have been overburdened by COVID-
The Department of Education announced the halt of collection and wage garnishments, providing flexibility for “at least 60 days” due to the COVID-19 national emergency.03.25.20
President Trump ordered the National Guard to mobilize under Title-32 in three states hit hard by COVID-19, allowing the Federal Government to pay for the troops with direction from state governors.03.22.20
The Department of Homeland Security announced restrictions of all non- essential travel across the U.S.- Mexico border due to the mitigating of COVID-
The Department of Homeland Security announced the restriction of all non-essential travel across the U.S.- Canada border to “exercise caution” to prevent further spread of COVID-
 President Trump signed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, expanding the SNAP and WIC programs by adding $500 million, helping pregnant women and those who lost their jobs due to COVID-

Sunday, September 20, 2020

L'Shana Tovah 5781


 Greetings, Gail-Friends, and Happy New Year!  Where did 5780 go???  

We celebrated Rosh Hashanah yesterday at the synagogue with reflection, contemplation, prayer, and praise.  Oh, yes, and lots of shofar blasts and good food!  

Here are a few photos:

Rabbi Jem did the 100 shofar blasts, and this young man, eight-year-old Abram, joined in.  He is quite the shofar player.  His six-year-old sister can blow it, too, but she was a bit shy about it yesterday.  Abram likes to sit in the front row, and amazes us all with his knowledge of the Bible.  Rabbi asks questions about the parsha, and Abram often pipes up with the correct answer.

His father, Aaron, carried the Torah.  It was his first time to receive this honor, and he was deeply moved.  He also made the beautiful round challah above.


After the service, we had food, of course. Lots of it!

These two little girls wanted sit next to Rabbi Jem.

I told you we had lots of food!

We were so blessed to have this service in the midst of the pandemic.  This was our first feast day since Purim and it was good to spend time and eat with one another.  We're still providing plenty of hand sanitizer, masks if someone wants one, and taking cleaning precautions.  We are blessed that no one in our congregation has come down with the virus.  We'll all be glad when this virus is OVER. 

We're looking forward to Yom Kippur.  

Blessings to you all, dear Gail-Friends. 

Friday, August 21, 2020

Common Sense

I saw this on the social media everybody loves, but which is LIBERAL AND BIASED AGAINST ANYONE WHO DOESN'T AGREE WITH THEIR NARRATIVE.  I didn't write it -- but I agree with it.  And, I don't know why it would harm anyone - especially THEIR COMMUNITY STANDARDS.  And, let me tell you, friends, their standards are evil, twisted, demented, and demonic.  I'm moving to MeWe.
Please leave the politics out of this and read it with an open mind using common sense.
"I have done my best to respect the diverse opinions regarding COVID-19 over these past few months, but I have these nagging questions about it... A friend posted this and it brilliantly sums up my train of thought:
Anyone out there who can tell me what our end game is with the covid 19? 
What is the magic formula that is going to allow us to sound the all clear? 
Is it zero cases?
The only way that will happen is if we just stop testing and stop reporting. 
Is it a vaccine? 
It took 25 years for a chicken pox vaccine to be developed. 
The smallpox inoculation was discovered in 1796 the last known natural case was in 1977. 
We have a flu vaccine that is only 40 to 60% effective and less than half of the US population choose to get one, and roughly 20,000 Americans will die of the flu or flu complications. 
Oh, you'll mandate it, like other vaccines are mandated in order to attend school, travel to some foreign countries, etc. 
We already have a growing number of anti vaxxers refusing proven, tested, well known vaccines that have been administered for decades but aren’t necessarily safe! 
Do you really think people will flock to get a fast tracked, quickly tested vaccine, whose long term side effects and overall efficacy are anyone's best guess? 
How long are we going to cancel and postpone and reconsider? 
You aren't doing in person school until second quarter? 
What if October's numbers are the same as August's? 
You moved football to spring? 
What if next March is worse than this one was? 
When do we decide quality of life outweighs the risks? 
I understand Covid can be deadly or very dangerous for SOME people, but so are strawberries and so is shellfish. 
We take risks multiple times a day without a second thought. 
We know driving a car can be dangerous, we don't leave it in the garage. 
We know the dangers of smoking, drinking and eating fried foods, we do it anyway. 
We speed, we don't buckle our seat-belts, we take more than directed.
Quite a few people don't think twice about unprotected sex, they just hop right to it.
Is hugging Grandma really more dangerous than rush hour on the freeway? 
Is going out with friends after work more risky than 4 day old gas station sushi? 
Or operating a chainsaw? 
When and how did we so quickly lose our free will? 
Is there a waiver somewhere I can sign that says, "I understand the risks, but I choose a life with Hugs and Smiles, and the State Fair and Concerts and Homecoming." 
I understand that there is a minuscule possibility I could die, but I will most likely end up feeling like crap for a few days. 
I understand I could possibly pass it to someone else, if I'm not careful, but I can pass any virus onto someone else. 
I'm struggling to see where or how this ends.
We either get busy living or we get busy dying. 
When God decides it's your time, you don't get any mulligans, so I guess I would rather spend my time enjoying it and living in the moment and not worrying about what ifs and maybes, and I bet I'm not the only one."


Saturday, July 18, 2020

Best Independence Day EVER!

Independence Day, 2020 will always live in my memory as the best of my life.  On July 3, we watched President Trump give the most wonderful presidential speech I've ever heard.  His love and devotion to our beloved country brought tears to my eyes. He fanned the flames of my patriotism and they are burning brighter than ever.  His words inspired me to do everything I can to protect and preserve our history, our monuments, our flag, our Constitution, and the ideals upon which our country was founded.  Here's a video link to that great patriotic speech - President Trump at Mount Rushmore.


I think this speech should be seen by every American, and especially by children.  President Trump shares the amazing history of the four presidents whose faces are carved into the mountain.  I learned a great deal from his history lesson.  Here is a link to the transcript of President Trump's speech.  I encourage you to print it and share it far and wide.


This inspiring, patriotic speech was especially meaningful when you remember that Independence Day, 2020 was shrouded in anarchistic violence in the previous weeks.  Statues and monuments had been burned, defaced, and some completely destroyed.  Churches were even set on fire.  I was so proud of President Trump when he left the White House and walked to St. Johns Church (which was set on fire), stood in front of it, and held up God's Holy Word.  It's shameful to see the vulgar curse words spray-painted on the building across from the church.  Click on the link to see another example of the horrible damage: George Washington statue defaced.


All of this was done in response to the death of a black man in Minneapolis.  He was killed by a policeman.  It is tragic what happened to that man and I pray it never happens again.  But the conclusions some people have come to are equally tragic. Policemen have been killed in revenge.  Calls are now being made to defund the police.  Parts of cities are being taken over and held hostage by anarchistic terrorists.  It's all wrong and it's not going to solve the "problem". 


What is the problem, anyway?  The problem is that our country has turned its back on God and His Holy Word.  We have left behind the Judeo-Christian principles upon which this country was founded.  My prayer is for a revival of those ideals.  God shed His grace on us because of that obedience to His Word.


I thank God for a president (who is under constant threat of harm and death) that has the courage and boldness to do what he did.  Think about it -- he had the courage to spontaneously walk out, in public, in the heat of this shameful period in our history, and stand in front of a church while holding a Bible.  What a statement.  That statement is clear:  GOD WINS!!!




On July 4, we met with our mishpocha at synagogue for our weekly Shabbat service. In addition to our normal music and worship, liturgy, and Torah study,  Rabbi asked the question, "What do you remember as the best Independence Day in your life?"  It was interesting to listen to the different memories shared by the congregation. 


My turn came, and I said, "I think the best was when Rabbi Jem and I got married.  He put out flags, flags, and more flags!  Big ones, little ones -- all over our yard."  Like this:



Every year, the number of flags increases.  I joke that when Jem gets a little bit of money, he buys flags.  He puts them out for Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day.  Plus, we have a tall flag pole that flies the American Flag all year long.  We want everyone who passes by to know we love our country and our flag.   


Speaking of love of the flag, one day a neighbor was walking by with her five-year old on his bike.  Jem was in the yard working with his flags.  The little boy stopped and said, "Mom.  Can I salute that flag?"  Both Jem and his Mom assured him he could.  That patriotic little boy put his hand on his heart and said the pledge of allegiance.  They joined in with him.  It warmed our heart to see a mother who is teaching her child to love his country.  Jem was so impressed that he gave him his own flag to put in his yard.


So, while our first Independence Day together was a good one, I think Independence Day, 2020 has become my favorite July 4 holiday memory.


I'd love to hear about your best Independence Day memory or your love for the USA!