Friday, June 14, 2019

Sabbath Music - Shir Ahava

Are you weary? Are you heavy-laden?  Hashem has an app for that.  His application is REST.  He even has a special DAY for that.  It's called Shabbat.  I pray you receive it and that you find refreshment on His Sabbath day this week.

Here's a worship song for you Shir Ahava which is Hebrew for Song of Love.  It's in Hebrew with English lyrics, so listen and let those words refresh you.  Lift your hands and worship Him.  Your burden will lift.  Your weariness will melt away.  I promise.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Thankful Thursday - The Mundane

So much to be thankful for this week.  I'm praising Hashem for my wrist being healed.  I've struggled with this injury for eight months.  This week, my ability to use it has returned.  I have a twinge now and then, and I still am aware of not over-using it, but it is much, much better.  Haleluyah!

My title for this post is The Mundane, and the happenings at Golden Cottage have been anything but that.  My thought on that subject will follow all the happy, and not so happy, things I've experienced over the past few weeks.

I didn't share about our trip to the Florida Folk Festival.  How did I miss that?  We enjoyed a great time, with perfect weather and a safe, uneventful trip up there and back.  First thing before we went to the festival, we visited and cleaned Mama and Daddy's graves and added fresh flowers.  It was a beauty-full blessing to have the church bells ring while we were working.  The song is Come Thou Almighty King and it was so worship-full.

After that, we headed on to the hotel.  We always love seeing the stars and bars and are glad it's still waving  There's a memorial there on private property, so it won't be removed.  We're glad to see our Confederate relatives honored for all the passersby on the expressway to see.

This is the entrance to the Stephen Foster Memorial Park and the beautiful bell tower.  I'm so thankful that the funds have been raised to repair the bells.  We were blessed to hear them ring while we were there.

We got to hear my favorite mountain dulcimer player, Bing Futch, perform. He's just amazing.

Comedian Jim Stafford was there, too.  It was fun to join the audience in singing along with him to his hit songs, I Don't Like Spiders and Snakes and My Girl, Bill.  If you're not familiar with those songs, check them out on YouTube.  He's not only a clever songwriter, but is uber talented on the guitar.  It's hard to believe he's eighty years old.  We saw him with his wife, who is a whole lot younger than him.  My guess is thirty or forty years younger, so he has to stay in shape to keep up with her, right?

The only dark spot on our trip was that we both got tick bites. Jem got one and I got three.  Two bites I didn't find out about until two days later. Had to go to the emergency room  because of the swelling, burning and itching.  I learned something from the attending physician.  She asked where we were when bitten. I told her White Springs.  She said, "In that case, we have to do the antibiotic for prevention of Lyme disease."  She said the ticks get infected by biting deer that live in North Florida.  Here on the Space Coast, the bites are not a problem.  Who knew?  So, if you ever go up there for the festival,  wear long pants, spray yourself really well with tick repellent, and don't walk through woodsy areas.  Stay on the beaten paths.

I saw this pretty thing at the gift shop.  That's so true for us, and I'm so thankful for my sweet husband..

And I had to get a picture of this cute little cottage near the park.  I'd like to meet the person who created such beauty.

The peace lilies are blooming here at Golden Cottage.  Aren't they gorgeous?

My dear friend, Brenda, came down for a visit last week.  We had great time together at Cafe Margaux in Cocoa Village.

We celebrated Shavuot last week, and I made a yummy sugar-free cheesecake.  Everybody at the synagogue loved it.  It was a traditional filling, with a nut crust, strawberries and Skinny Chocolate drizzled over the top.  If you want the recipe, it's in the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook. 

Speaking of Trim Healthy Mama, I listened to one of their podcasts this week.  The topic was being grateful for the mundane.  Instead of grumbling about having to cook, clean or wash dishes, we can take the attitude of "I don't have to . . . I get to."  I love that thought because it reminds me of a time when I didn't have a kitchen or a laundry room.  I had to wash dishes in the bathroom sink and wash the clothes at the laudromat.  I developed a deep gratitude for being able to have a sink and my own washer and drier.  This sign is one I think I'll duplicate as a reminder to be grateful.  I'll add the words, " And I Get To . . . Haleluyah!" 

I hope y'all have a blessed and thank-full week. 

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Shavuot - Celebrate His Gift

This weekend, we remembered and observed God's commandment to celebrate the feast of Shavuot.  We put this beautiful hand-made curtain on the ark, which holds the scroll, in preparation for the Torah procession.  It was made by our congregation member, LaVonne Craft, and the Hebrew says - The Torah is a tree of life.  Blessed is the man who takes hold of it.  This is so true of me.  When I began to read and obey the Torah, my life changed dramatically. 

Shavuot is God's commanded day to remember His gift of the Torah to Moses (and us) on Mt. Sinai. Also, this was the day the Ruach Ha Kodesh came down on those who were gathered in a Shavuot celebration at Jerusalem after the resurrection of Yeshua. He wrote the Torah on their hearts that day, and He's still doing it today. Haleluyah! We take His Word wherever we go. We are His disciples - teaching others about Yeshua and His commandments. You can learn more about this commanded feast, and see photos of our past celebrations, in my blog posts HERE. 

 This week, in preparation for Shavuot, I found this video about the Torah.  It asks the question, "What would a world without Torah look like?" We watched this video at our synagogue's celebration, and I hope you will watch it, too, dear Gail-Friends:   If the Jewish People Never Received the Torah

On Shavuot, it's a tradition to parade the Torah and to praise Adonai for His great gift.   I love this video of a celebration of Shavuot.  If this song gets your toes to tapping, grab your gift -- the HOLY BIBLE - and join the dance!