Sunday, December 18, 2022

A Song for Hanukkah


 We are getting ready for Hanukkah 'cause we light the first candle on Sunday, December 18 at sundown.  I love this time of year, and especially when it coincides with Christmas.  We'll be celebrating both at our synagogue on Shabbat / Christmas Eve.  So, really, we'll be celebrating three things.  

I wanted to encourage all who don't know about Hanukkah to click on the links to the right of this page.  Lots of info there:  the story, the food (with recipes), the songs, the decorations, and the fun.  It's all there for you to enjoy.  (click Hanukkah, Chanukah, and Christmas)

Here's my favorite Hanukkah song for your enjoyment:  Hanukkah Song by Marty Goetz

 And - my most favorite singer - a playlist that will bless your heart:   Reverence of the Night by Amanda Wilson

Have a wonderful, happy, worshipful holiday season, Gail-Friends.