Sunday, August 28, 2011

Please Pray

Dear Gail-Friends:

My mother is very ill in the hospital.  She has a racing heart and so far, they are having trouble adjusting her medication to control it.  Please pray for her.  They are calling in a specialist today.  Naturally, she becomes very frightened when the racing starts.

My daughter is having eye surgery on Tuesday so please pray for her also.

Also pray for me.  I just returned to college to complete my degree.  At the age, this is quite a challenge, to say the least.  I have a book that weighs over 10 pounds!  No problem carrying it to class, though, because no one else does! 

I haven't forgotten ya'll and will be posting as always.  The High Holy Days are coming up, and I look forward to writing about the joys of G-d's Feasts and Festivals.

Shalom and Love,


Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Prayer Place - Part 1

The Lord's  Prayer Chapel
Sitting high on a hill, surrounded by singing pine trees, calling birds, and busy butterflies is my favorite place to retreat for prayer.  In Titusville, Florida, The Lord's Prayer Chapel sits amid The Lord's Garden,and is named for former pastor Peter Lord, of the Park Avenue Baptist Church. The Lord's Chapel is so special to me and I delight in telling how G-d has blessed me with and through this wonderful place.

Prior to moving to Central Florida, I lived in Jacksonville, Florida where a friend introduced me to a system of prayer called the 2959 Plan.  This is a personal notebook that leads one through prayers in many areas, such as for our family, our city, our state, our nation, and the world.  Through the notebook, I was led to an audio tape ministry of the Park Avenue Baptist Church in Titusville, Florida.  For several years, I listened to many great Bible teachers, including Pastor Peter Lord.

Entrance to the chapel
In 1989, due to a job change, I moved to Titusville, Florida, and visited the fore-mentioned church, met Pastor Lord, and was introduced to the beautiful prayer chapel.  I visit there often to pray and meditate, and just to be still and hear G-d's voice.  The atmosphere is so holy, so anointed with G-d's presence, that I always leave there renewed and full of joy.      

Now, dear Gail-Friends, let me take you on a tour.  (I am not a photographer, and these photos were taken with my cell phone camera.)  The chapel is an octagon, and each upper side beam has a name/attribute of the Father carved into it.  The names are:

The Lord Our Sanctifier 
The Lord Our Peace
The Lord Our Shepherd
The Lord Our Righteousness
The Lord Our Provider
The Lord Our Healer
The Lord Our Rock
The Lord Our Victory

It is thought provoking and comforting to sit still here, and meditate on all that G-d is in my life.
This beautiful scene greets me as I enter the room.

The two alcoves have names of people all over the world who are prayed for by the prayer warriors

                                                        This is the alter,  The Mercy Seat,  where I kneel to worship and pray.                                               It stands at the foot of a beautiful leaded glass cross.

More prayer reminders

Prayers are written on cards and filed in the box.  Prayer warriors come daily to take these before the throne.

A beautiful thought as I come to this place of quiet stillness.

I am praying over this today...August 6, during the solemn assembly to pray for America to turn back to G-d.

Outside is the lovely prayer garden....The Lord's Garden
As I enter The Lord's Garden, a sign welcomes me

The garden has benches scattered throughout.

The garden is filled with flowering plants and tress - a dozens of visiting butterflies.

Thank you, Father, for the gift of the Lord's Chapel and for the prayer warriors who frequent that holy place.  Thank you for the vision you gave the artists who fashioned the beautiful grounds, the leaded glass cross, the beams with Your Names carved into them, and for the Mercy Seat of your Holiness and Grace.  I am a blessed woman to live so near such a special place.

Oh, how I desire to stay on this little mountain top with it's peaceful serenity.  I can't stay, but I can take it's peace and serenity with me as I go.  Thank you, Father for this blessing.

In my next post, I will share some of the prayers I have lifted to G-d  in this place, and the wonderful answers answers He's given.

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