Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Getting Ready for Hurricane Ian


We're getting ready for Hurricane Ian. Battening down the hatches as the old saying goes. Having lived in Florida all of my life, I've been through so many I've lost count.  You can read about my recent experiences at this link:   hurricanes

And here's a post about how to get ready when a hurricane is coming your way.  hurricane prep

But, the most important thing about my hurricane experience is the comfort I've found in Psalm 91. my hurricane psalm

I'm praying for all in the path of the storm.  Most likely, Ian will affect the whole state of Florida.  So, please join me in those prayers, Gail-Friends.  Let me know if you have any special prayer requests.  

Blessings to you all, with love. 

** photos from Pixabay with permission

Sunday, September 4, 2022

So Many Bible Versions - What's the Difference?


free image source: Pixabay

Recently, a Gail-Friends reader asked this question:  "What's the difference between the Torah and the King James Version?"  I thought I'd share my answer as a blog post.

This was my response:

Thank you for asking this question.  It's a good one.  The Torah contains the first five books of the Old Testament.  In many translations, it is called "the law."  It is the basis of Jewish belief and practice.  It is the lens through which we find understanding of the New Testament.  Once I learned this, I began to understand many things that formerly puzzled me,

My rabbi (and husband) teaches the following to those who are beginning study of the Torah:  

The Bible was written in Hebrew and Aramaic.  The words were then translated as follows:

into Greek
then into Latin
then German (when the Gutenberg Bible was printed)
then French
then Old English (KJV- please note it is a version)
then modern English and then to the many versions of today

As you can imagine, some things became lost through translation.  For instance, some Hebrew words cannot be translated into Greek. Example: in Proverbs 31:10 (KJV), the word "rubies" is actually "pearls" in Hebrew.  And that is only a minor difference.  There are more.  The important thing is that the Torah has been "thrown behind the back" as unimportant. 

I was using the KJV when I began my search/study to KNOW that I was following Him and only Him.  As I continued my study,  Adonai led me to the Complete Jewish Bible and the companion Complete Jewish Study Bible.  These are very enlightening and helpful.

My challenge  to the women of our synagogue, and to you, dear Gail-Friends, is to begin a faithful, prayerful reading and then a deep study of the Torah.  Also, to pray for wisdom and understanding.  Seek Him - not a church, a religion, a denomination, or a preacher/teacher.  Ask Him for ears to hear and eyes to see.    

Shalom and blessings to you.

P.S.  My husband/rabbi uses only the Hebrew translation, from the Tanach and/or the Chumash.  These have the Hebrew on the right page, and the English on the left.  

I recommend using online Bible reference tools such as Bible Gateway to compare different translations/versions.  It can be very eye-opening.

Friday, September 2, 2022

A Threat to America?



 I woke this morning to learn that the current president hates me. Calls me a threat to America. I haven't listened to his speech, but my friend, Betty Jackson, shared her thoughts, and I agree:

"Words matter.  (used with Betty's permission)
I was dismayed as we listened to news broadcasts last evening after the President had given his "Unity" speech. It was anything but unifying. Words matter. Attitudes matter. Our nation matters. I had trouble getting to sleep, even after Ev and I prayed about it. We are taught to pray for our leaders, and we do. But our hearts were heavy with the denouncement of all who refuse his progressive agenda with which we adamantly disagree. The last I heard and understood, healthy debate is what keeps this country free, and honest discourse allows for respect for others' opinions and viewpoints.
I abhor the idea that this administration is denying constitutional freedoms in the guise of either we all agree or we will destroy the opposition by using the power of government to do so. Our founding fathers are shivering in their graves that in eighteen months, and administration can run roughshod over the freedoms the nation has embraced. Words matter. Government does not subject its people to such rancor.
I respect the Presidency. I respect that an executive branch is necessary as a coequal. I admit that party loyalty takes over so that nothing much can get accomplished legislatively, and that the complexity of bills necessitates voting for or against the whole bill whether its provisions are good or bad. But characterizing a party and half the country's patriots as those to be hated is frightening. The President has the opportunity and the bully pulpit to unite us to fight the elephants (not the symbol of the GOP) in the room: illegal immigration, drugs killing our children, homelessness, crime, energy, inflation, corruption, etc. What good does it do to throw terms like ultra-maga (Make America Great Again) and fascist, a term we octogenarians know all too well by the setting behind the speech last night. The symbolism of uniformed soldiers and red and black sent chills through me. I've lived through the cold war, the communist era, and seen what socialism has done to the world's great nations. I watched in horror as cities burned because violence reigned instead of discussion and problem solving. I've seen the demeaning of officials by both political parties, and it hurts my soul. I've seen the justice system used to demonize, demoralize, and dismiss truth.
I'm praying for peace today."
I join Betty's prayer, and also ask you, dear Gail-Friends, to join us.  I also pray for national repentance - a return to obedience to Torah.  Righteousness exalts a nation!
Blessings to you all.
P.S. I've been working on several projects over the last few months, but I haven't forgotten y'all.  I'll b e posting more often in the future.