Friday, November 20, 2015

Wisdom Wednesday - His Wisdom

Our synagogue's Torah scroll, which is over 350 years old

We live in a day and time of great delusion. The Word of G-d has been cast to the wind or stomped under foot.  Even people who claim to be seeking wisdom don't seem to be able to find it.

In my reading of Proverbs, which I do as a daily discipline, I read this in Proverb 8:

Wisdom is calling!
Understanding is raising her voice!
On the heights along the road,
where the paths meet, she is standing;
by the gates leading into the city,
at the entrances, she cries aloud

So, wisdom is not hard to find.  In fact, it's shouting at us.   

Let's read on:  

 “People, I am calling you,
raising my voice to all mankind.
You who don’t direct your lives,
understand caution;
as for you, you fools,
get some common sense!

Wisdom is calling to everyone, not just those seeking, but to those who aren't.  

These words are important:
Listen! I will say worthwhile things;
when I speak, my words are right.
My mouth says what is true,
because my lips detest evil.

Wisdom is speaking, and that voice is the voice of ADONAI.  Did you see that last word, "evil" ?  We live in a day where preachers and churches are telling us to do evil things.  In example, at a recent social gathering I heard a man who claims to be a minster say that we can't accept what the Bible says because it's not relevant for today.  I didn't argue with him, but I removed myself from him immediately.  This same minister's denomination advocates abortion and same-sex marriage, homosexual ministers, and much more evil.

 All the words from my mouth are righteous;
nothing false or crooked is in them.

Again, this is ADONAI speaking.  He says ALL of the words from His mouth are righteous.  On that point, a standard for righteousness has been lost in this society.  But, look what the Word says here:

 They are all clear to those who understand
and straightforward to those who gain knowledge.

If we are honestly seeking His wisdom, we run into His holiness - His righteousness.  Now, here's the rub: G-d is a holy G-d, and He calls us to be like Him.  We have to make a decision.  Will we accept His holiness and righteous ways?  It is at this point that many turn away and seek something different.  Many are always seeking, but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

If we accept Him and obey Him, we have a rich reward:

Receive my instruction, rather than silver;
knowledge, rather than the finest gold.
11 For wisdom is better than pearls;
nothing you want can compare with her.

This has been my experience.  My search for His wisdom has blessed me beyond what I thought was possible.  I am a rich woman.  Just look at my wealth:

“I, wisdom, live together with caution;
I attain knowledge and discretion.

Those things are needed today, with all of the evil surrounding us.  We are bombarded on the streets (signs, bumper stickers, people's t-shirts, the actions of others), and even in our homes through the media (tv, radio, internet, books, magazines).  But there is a way out:

The fear of Adonai is hatred of evil.
I hate pride and arrogance,
evil ways and duplicitous speech.

We have to turn away from these things and not allow them to stay in our view, mentally or physically.  

Here is more wealth that comes when we choose ADONAI'S righteousness:

14 Good advice is mine, and common sense;
I am insight, power is mine.
15 By me kings reign,
and princes make just laws.
16 By me princes govern,
nobles too, and all the earth’s rulers.

By receiving and obeying His Word and His ways, we receive the ability to think correctly and make right decisions.  We are never confused or indecisive.  We know right from wrong immediately and act on it quickly. Yes, and there is more:

Riches and honor are with me,
lasting wealth and righteousness.
19 My fruit is better than gold, fine gold,
my produce better than the finest silver.
20 I follow the course of righteousness
along the paths of justice,
21 to endow with wealth those who love me
and fill their treasuries.

We're not talking about the feel-good, send me your money and get rich gospel preached by the television preachers here.  We're talking about obeying the righteous rulings of the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  You won't hear them teach on those things, except to tell you they are not for you today.

Are you confused by the teachings of all the different teachers, churches, religions and denominations?  Are you seeking His wisdom?  Take heart!

I love those who love me;
and those who seek me will find me.

Yes, you will find His wisdom love Him and accept who He is.  On that point, do you know Him?  Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah) is the same yesterday, today and forever, and He is ADONAI in the flesh.  He didn't change between the Old and New Testament.  That takes time to chew on if you've been in the church for a long time.  I pray you will read the gospels with that in mind.  Yeshua never contradicted ADONAI.  He obeyed the Torah and went to the synagogue faithfully.  He didn't start a new religion.  He did what the following verses of Proverb 8 say:

I follow the course of righteousness
along the paths of justice,
21 to endow with wealth those who love me
and fill their treasuries.
22 Adonai made me as the beginning of his way,
the first of his ancient works.

Wisdom is G-d's mind.  It is revealed in the Torah (the first five books of the Old Testament).  Wisdom does not contradict itself.  Wisdom is ADONAI.  Wisdom is Yeshua.  Again, I encourage you to study the Torah and then to read the gospels to see why Yeshua said and did the things revealed there.  He never said to disobey the Torah.  He did, however, become angry with those who added to it by making their own rules.  He didn't change, Gail-Friends.  He is the same wisdom revealed in the Torah.

Let's look at more benefits of wisdom from Proverb 8:

Therefore, children, listen to me:
happy are those who keep my ways.
33 Hear instruction, and grow wise;
do not refuse it.
34 How happy the person who listens to me,
who watches daily at my gates
and waits outside my doors.
35 For he who finds me finds life
and obtains the favor of Adonai.
36 But he who misses me harms himself;
all who hate me love death.”

That's strong, isn't it?  It should make us tremble and fall on our knees in repentance, because obeying others, instead of His wisdom, leads to death.  

I became very disillusioned with the "church" when I looked around me one day and realized that the one I attended was really a country club.  It was a place of entertainment. I left it, but I didn't leave G-d.  I clung to Him fiercely, and sincerely sought His wisdom and ways.  I pray you will, too.

How blessed are those who reject the advice of the wicked, don’t stand on the way of sinners or sit where scoffers sit! Their delight is in Adonai’s Torah; on his Torah they meditate day and night.
Psalm 1:1-2 CJB

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  1. Amen and AMEN! Powerful and Truth in Its beauty! My heart is beating to the rhythm of G-d. I can feel the beat because I know His Word is Truth. Thank you for writing this our and sharing the words that He has given to you, Gail.
    I am your neighbor at Spiritual Sundays and ever so thankful that I am. G-d brought me here for many reasons. Praising Him~
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

    1. Linda - I'm blessed to know that this post helped you, and hope you will stop by again.