Monday, April 25, 2016

I Love Trim Healthy Mama

I learned about Trim Healthy Mama from Facebook, and was intrigued by the success so many ladies were having by losing weight with this method.  I ordered the book and was immediately intrigued by a plan of eating that uses whole foods, including real butter, and a thing called Skinny Chocolate.  Could it be possible to lose weight eating full-fat foods and candy??????  I had to try it!

Since starting the food plan in mid-January of this year, I've lost sixteen pounds, which is an average of about five pounds a month, an inch from my hips and waist, and I love this new way of eating. Basically, the method is not to mix fats and carbohydrates.  Doing this forces your metabolism to do a kick start by burning different fuels.  Also, you must wait at least 2 1/2 to 3 hours between meals or snacks.

The food plan has a bit of a learning curve, and I admit it was difficult at first because I was so used to eating carbs and fats together, such as grits and eggs for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch.  I hung in there, however, and now find it quite easy to separate my fuel sources.  I can still have a sandwich, but don't add fats such as mayonnaise or high-fat cheese.  I can still have coffee with cream, but not with carbs such as oatmeal.  When I eat oatmeal, I drink hot tea.

The plan includes lots of healthy protein and vegies, whole grains, fats like coconut oil and pure butter, and low glycemic fruit.  Oh, and chocolate!  I love Skinny Chocolate, and there is absolutely no guilt involved, believe me.  It's actually good for me.  Another thing I love are the Trim Healthy breads and baked goods that use alternatives to wheat. I'm a big fan of their Muffin in a Mug!  Yummy, and it tastes like cake!

I highly recommend the Trim Healthy Plan book, cookbook, and lifestyle.  You can learn more by clicking HERE.  I'm pleased to be an affiliate with the company because the owners are committed believers and write about Biblical principles in their books and  Facebook groups.  They are having a great sale right now, and any purchases you make through this LINK will give me a small benefit.  I'd really appreciate that!

In the weeks ahead, I'll be posting about my progress and sharing my menus and some recipes.  I think you'll enjoy learning about this wonderful, healthy, long-term lifestyle.  Let me know what you think, Gail-Friends!

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