Friday, June 17, 2016

Sabbath Music - Where Could I Go?

What a sad, terrible, awful, bad week. 

One of my daughter's close friends passed away this past week.  They've been friends for over twenty years.  I'm so broken-hearted over this, and praying for her family and friends.

I got word of a family member who has stage 4 cancer.

So much more, in the news and so close to home, since I live near Orlando:

A precious little boy was eaten by an alligator at Disney.

A talented young woman was killed by a madman in Orlando. 

 A Muslim terrorist killed 49 people, and wounded even more, in Orlando

Our president spoke on national tv and was angry at guns and the people who talk about and disagree with him.  He had no visible anger and passion against the enemies of our country...only anger against America.  I shake my head and wonder how we came to this place.  In addition to my other grief, I'm grieving as I watch the slow death of my country.

The grief and pain have been overwhelming this week.  Yes, I've prayed and had time with my Father but, oh, how I thank Him for the Sabbath and for that special time alone with Him.  After all of the events in the past week, I wonder how anyone can live without Him and His love and comfort.

Tonight we will come together as a family to worship and praise Him at the synagogue.  I will put on the garment of praise to defeat the spirit of heaviness attacking my soul.  I will dance...yes dance.  I will lift my hands and praise ADONAI.  I will take my eyes off of the world around me and let Him restore my soul.  My joy and peace and faith will be renewed as I study His Word and remember His faithfulness and loving kindness to His people.  I will remember that my hope is in Him.

Tomorrow morning, I will sit still on my patio with my Bible and worship and listen to His voice, uninterrupted by the happenings around me.  I will focus on Him, pour out my heart to Him, seek His face and His comfort.  He will minister to me, as always.  I could not survive this world apart from His love.  He has walked with me through many dark valleys and is with me as I walk through this one.
This song, Where Could I Go But to the L-rd, is a song I've heard since I was a child and it has comforted me many, many times.  If you are grieving, as I am, I hope it comforts you.  The lyrics about "the chilling hand of death" say it all.

Shabbat Shalom.


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  1. I'm so glad that we always have the Lord too. We need Him in times of tragedy, and in times of peace. He's always the answer. So sorry for the painful news your family has had to go through this week.