Thursday, October 21, 2010

Answered prayers

Thanks for the prayers. The blockage was treated and dissolved without surgery.  Doctors said it was due to adhesions.  After the tubes were removed, her heart began to race.  A stress test was done, which turned out well, but they did further tests to determine why it happened.   My mama is home now and re-gaining strength.  She will have to wear a heart monitor for two weeks.    Please continue to pray for her healing and for her strength to return.

Also, please pray for me because I am not a very good nurse.  As a teenager, I was a candy-striper at the hospital, and would cry every time I went into a patient's room who was in pain.  The coordinator realized I was no good at working with sick people, so she assigned me to the hospitality cart.  (This was long ago, so some might not know about it.)  The cart was stocked with candy, magazines, etc. and I would push it from room to room, selling stuff.  That didn't work either, because I still had to see people suffering.  The final position was working in the coffee shop, and I did really well there.  So, basically, I flunked nursing, and found out I was good in sales!  I loved that little pink, striped uniform, though! 

All I can say, is G-d bless nurses. 

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