Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dance with me

During this season of worship, please enjoy a beautiful depiction of the love between Yeshua and His bride.  My heart overflows with joy as I draw close to Him and glory in the love of my Beloved.  He has truly captured my heart.  There is no joy like the joy He gives.  I pray you know Him like this. 

Shalom and blessings to you and yours.
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  1. Gail, I love this song - this was beautiful.

  2. Shalom to you!

    I want to comment about the historical Yehoshua - the Messiah. To learn about him we must study the prophecies of the Jewish Bible.

    Yeshayahu [”Isaiah”] 9:5: [Translation in accordance with etymology – science about the origins and meanings of words; and the semicolon is placed according to the cantillation marks which the Hebrew texts require]:
    ויקרא שמו פלא יועץ אל גבור; אבי-עד שר-שלום :
    (wa-yiqrâ shәmo Pëlë yoeitz Eil Jibor; avi-ad sar- shâlom; ”and he called his name ‘Wonder,’ a counselor of Eil Jibor; My Father is until [i.e. forever], a minister of peace”)

    The Creator does not change – Malakhi 3:6, Tehilim [”Psalms”] 89:35. The meaning of this passage from the year 720 b.c.e cannot have changed. For more than eight centuries after that Yeshayahu proclaimed this prophecy, the Messianic interpretations remained strictly within the restrictions of Torah [“the books of Moses”] – a vision of a deadly human king patterned after king Khizqiyah [“Hiskiah”] [which the prophecy partly was about] – who no one considered to be a “godly man-saviour”!

    To follow the teachings of the historical Yehoshua, leads oneself into non-selective Torah-obervance and a relation with the Creator which is immensly meaningful!

    Anders Branderud

  3. To Anders: Isaiah 53 perfectly describes Yeshua as Messiah. Shalom, Gail

  4. To Gali:

    Yes, Yeshayahu [Isaiah] 53 in Hebrew according to etymology contains a prophecy about the Messiah. And the Messiah was called Yehoshua (or Yeshua in Arameic). As I pointed out the Messiah is prophesied to be a human in Tan''kh.

    Anders Branderud

  5. Aww, that was so beautiful! Thanks for sharing it! I love the smiles while they're dancing. Such a beautiful dance and so different from the typical dancing you see these days! Have a great day, Gail!


  6. Beautiful... Stopped by to follow your blog from the Family Friendly Frugality blog hop... do comment/follow me back :-)
    Have a Happy Holiday Season!
    Positive Kismet Blog