Sunday, March 31, 2013

Passover Seder Memories

Our seder turned out to be a great success and a wonderful blessing.  It was our first seder in our new synagogue location.

Altogether, forty people attended the seder.  Most are members of the synagogue, but we had a few visitors.We were blessed to have a family attend with their eight children, and she is expecting another baby.  They are such a beautiful and loving group.

 I love it when a person attends who has never experienced a seder.  Their eyes always light up when they see the Messiah depicted in the matza.  The stripes and holes are pictures of his stripes and piercings on the cross. That realization is awesome. 

The whole seder shows us G-d's provision and protection through the blood.  If not for His blood, we would be faced with eternal death.  But through Him we can have eternal life.  Thank You, Adonai, for Your love.

We sang and danced and rejoiced in the love of our Father.  I love it when we sing Deyanu....It Would Have Been Enough.

The children look outside for Elijah
I love it when the children look for Elijah.  One year, there was actually someone coming toward the door, and they yelled, "He's here!"  Rabbi Jem rushed out to see, but it wasn't Elijah.  Too bad, right?  I am ready for Elijah...and Yeshua to return.

Gideon, our youngest Torah scholar

Gideon, our littlest guest was really cute.  While Rabbi was teaching about the Israelites leaving Egypt, he put his backpack on, picked up a flag and began walking around the room.  He is a very serious little boy and seems to understand so much more than one would think.  I didn't get a picture of it, sadly.

The beauty of the Passover seder never fails to renew my confidence in the loving care of our Heavenly Father.  Every year, we are reminded of the power of Hashem.  We remember His guidance, His provision, and most of all the power of the blood to save.  His blood will never lose it's power.

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  1. You have a wonderful page and I love learning through your posts. I was raised around Messianic traditions and so love the richness and depth to them.

    1. I am so blessed to know this, Erica. Thank you for your encouragement.

      The traditions are such a wonderful blessing that many believers a missing out on.