Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wisdom Wednesday #14 - A Blessing for Wives

Continueing our study of Proverbs 31, this week I will share how this passage is incorporated into our weekly Shabbat service. 

On Shabbat we take a break from our mundane weekly routine. It is a time to regroup and pray, to eat and rejoice, to spend time with family and friends, to study and share.  Most of all, we turn away from the world and draw near to Hashem.  It is a time to be refreshed.

In our synagogue, we do the traditional Jewish liturgy in both Hebrew and English.  My husband, Rabbi Jem, leads the service, but I have a part also.  Each week, I light the candles (see the photo above) and say this prayer:  

Blessed are You, oh L-rd, our G-d, King of the Universe; Who has sanctified us in Your Word, and given us Yeshua our Messiah, and commanded us to be light to the world.  Ah-main.

Later, during the liturgy, my husband leads the husbands of the congregation in the blessing of the wife:  

A woman of valor who can find, she is worth far more than precious jewels.  The heart of her husband safely trusts in her, and he profits greatly thereby. (based on Proverbs 31)

It is such a good feeling to be blessed by my husband.  He looks into my eyes and shows me his approval as he speaks the blessing.  I love it.

My husband not only does this on Shabbat, but every day of our lives.  He often says, "Have I told you today how much I love you?"  Usually, he already has. (big smile here)

Every morning he greets me with, "Good morning, Gorgeous."  As I said last week, I am far from gorgeous first thing in the morning, but I love hearing it.

He compliments my cooking no matter what I put on the table.  Even if all I do is open a can of soup he says, "This is a delicious meal."  

I say, "All I did was open the can and warm it up."  

He'll smile and say, "But you do it so well." 

I am very blessed to be loved by him, and I pray to never take it for granted.  I love him, too, and I esteem him above every man I've ever known.  I know part of the reason he is such a fine gentleman is the teachings he received from his conservative Jewish father and mother.  They have passed away, but I am grateful to them for teaching him to be such a loving, kind husband.  

He is what is known in Judaism as a "mensch" - a good, righteous man.  His favorite saying is, "Do the right thing,"  and he is a perfect example of practicing what he preaches.  

No matter where we are, he is constantly on the look out for someone who needs help. A good example:  last week, a big box fell off a truck at an intersection.  He stopped the car, got out, and picked up the debris.  Another time, he spent twenty minutes trying to retrieve a little girl's wayward balloon in a grocery store.  What a guy.

I admire him, respect him and am so honored to be his wife and partner in ministry.  I love being loved by him.

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  1. This was lovely! You are blessed with a wonderful partner. My husband and I will celebrate 35 years in July, I am thankful for someone who treats me like your husband treats you! I do not deserve it but love him for it. ♥

    1. 35 years is so wonderful. You both deserve an award! Thanks for stopping by and commenting today. Come back soon!

  2. Beautiful tribute to your husband, Gail - but I must say - I have one of those guys, too! A "mensch"! Always love to hear how you take the Hebrew traditions into their fullness with Messiah. Just beautiful!
    Joy to you!

  3. Sweet Kathryn - so glad you stopped by and am happy to hear you, too, have a mensch. Thank you for your encouragement today!