Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wisdom Wednesday #17 - Morning Joy

I love mornings!  The rising of the sun and it's going down are my favorite times of day.  Unless you've learned to make a habit of rising early, you haven't experienced the joy that comes in the morning.  
Morning Glories growing near my patio

The Bible mentions mornings often, especially in the Psalms.  I think our Heavenly Father wants us to experience morning joys.

One of my favorites is Psalm 59:17

But as for me, I will sing of your strength; in the morning I will sing aloud of your grace. For you are my fortress, a refuge when I am in trouble.

I also love Psalm 5:4

Adonai, in the morning you will hear my voice; in the morning I lay my needs before you and wait expectantly.
I am blessed to have a patio that looks out on my backyard.  I love to sit out there with a cup of hot coffee for my quiet time with my Heavenly Father.  I draw near to Him and He draws near to me.  We have sweet fellowship in the stillness.  
Here is my quiet place.  Oops, looks like my happy little palm tree blew over last night.
I love to hear His tender voice as I listen to music of the morning.  The birds are waking up and visiting my feeders and drinking from the fountain and birdbaths.  
An early morning visitor - a red-winged blackbird

Mr. Squirrel sometimes visits in the morning.
I love the joys of morning:  the early sky, the bird song, the stillness, the colors of sunrise, but most of all His voice...and the promise that his mercies are new every day.  Oh, how I praise Him for that!


  1. Top o'the mornin' to ya, milady! Since we're singing the praises of the goodness of God in the morning. Taking joy here, too - with the snow melted and buds clearly visible - though not so green and budding as your neck of the woods as I see in your pictures.

    To answer your question - YES - my hubby got me A Fine Romance for Christmas along with a spring read about Beatrix Potter's garden! Love my bookseller husband who always knows my bookish heart.

    Taking joy!

    1. Oh my - It would not do for me to be married to a bookseller. I am already a book hoarder - tee hee!

      Thanks for stopping by today, dear Kathryn.

  2. I love it that "His mercies are new every morning....".......yes, I experience morning joy and enjoy it............your morning room looks wonderful and relaxing. :) Gentle Joy

    1. Thanks for stopping by today...and I love your name.


  3. I Love love love the morning time too.... My bedroom opens to an open field filled with trees where birds love to come and take shelter.... I love how they wake me up with their sings...:) They always remind me of God's faithfulness... always put joy in my heart.

    Blessings... and nice to meet you!!

    - Ruth

    1. your comments made me smile, Ruth. Thanks so much for stopping by.

      Blessings to you,