Friday, November 6, 2015

Sabbath Music - G-d Will Make A Way

Greetings, Gail-Friends.  I hope you had a good week, and I hope you have a good Shabbos.  Time to be refreshed, renewed and revived.  He is waiting to meet with you on this, His special set-apart day.

Are you burdened by your cares?  He lovingly said, "Cast your cares on me, because I care for you."  I do this every morning in my quiet time.  I write down my cares and leave them with Him.  And you know what?  I'm amazed how He works things out.  

Are you sad or depressed or anxious?  He has a wonderful promise for that, too.  He said, "Put on the garment of praise to defeat the spirit of heaviness."  I see this every Friday night, at our Erev Shabbat service.  People come through the door weary as can be, but when we start to praise Him, that heaviness lifts.   So, lift your praises and your hands, and enjoy this Sabbath. 

Here's a song by Don Moen to lift that heavy spirit.  I might have shared it before, but it's so good it bears repeating.

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  1. This is another beautiful song. The ad that came on beforehand was by Airwick. I ended up watching the whole ad! It was about these 3 older couples putting their long-time homes up for sale because of their advancing years. Airwick made scented candles for each of them to remember their former homes by based on what they had to say about their homes--one was floral because of their garden, another ginger-scented because that's the tea they'd always drink, and the other was about entertaining friends with mulled wine. I wonder sometimes how long we'll be able to stay in our home of 34 years (so far). My husband is 69 and we have 2 acres of yard work! Then the song came on "God Will Make a Way" and I was reminded God does indeed make my way.