Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wisdom Wednesdays - Important Words


Continuing my series on WORDS.

Daily, I pray about words, both the ones I hear spoken, and the ones I speak.  The Bible has much to say on this subject.

This one caught my eye this week in my daily reading of Proverbs:

When words are many, sin is not lacking; 
so he who controls his speech is wise. 
(Proverbs 10:19)

I pray to control my words, especially on social media.  It's so easy to just spout off without thinking about the impact of those words.  We have a local Facebook page where people discuss happenings around town.  It gets so ugly.  I read it sometimes to learn about events coming up, and I'm saddened by the viciousness of people's words.  This verse is certainly appropriate:

By the blessing of the upright, a city is raised up; 
but the words of the wicked tear it down. 
(Proverbs 11:11)

Oh, Father, may I remember to use words that bless, not tear down.

On Tuesday, my Proverbs reading was Chapter 12, and there are several verses to contemplate:

The words of the wicked are a deadly ambush, 
but the speech of the upright rescues them.
(Proverbs 12:6)

There are people who know nothing but mean and hateful speech.  Cursing, complaining and negativity are the only world they know.  Our words can bring a whole new world to their consciousness.  Kindness and gentleness are remarkable and unique in our society.  I pray to bring that part of G-d's Kingdom into all of my conversations, both in person and in social media.

One can be filled with good as the result of one’s words
and one gets the reward one’s deeds deserve.
(Proverbs 12:14) 

This verse is curious, right? How do our words fill us with good?  As I've studied the Bible, I've learned that our words affect our health.  Look at this verse:

A person’s belly will be filled with the fruit of his mouth; 
with what his lips produce he will be filled.
(Proverbs 18:20)

Are my words sweet or bitter?  Am I blessing and praising G-d and looking for the good in situations and people?  Or am I complaining and becoming angry and bitter about things happening in my life?  I know that the negativity can affect the belly.  Stomach ulcers and other tummy issues can be related to fretting, complaining and bitterness.

Over the past seven and a half years, I have been very concerned about the direction our country has taken.  I admit, I have fretted and complained and even shouted at the tv news.  What is happening in our country is upsetting, but my bitter words will not help at all. There are positive things I can do through my words:

As an every day person, I can use my words to speak out to others, through conversations, social media, and on this blog.  The common belief is that we should not discuss religion or politics.  That is a lie from the pit of hell.  It is because we have neglected to discuss these things that we are in the mess we're in.  I pray daily for G-d to use me to take the truth about G-d and the G-dly foundations of our country into conversations.  Some people have never heard these things.  It's my duty.

As a citizen, I can e-mail my local, state and federal representatives to let my voice be heard.  It couldn't be easier.  It takes less than five minutes.  It's my duty.
As a consumer, I can contact companies to let them know how I feel about their policies as related to the persecution of Jewish and Christian believers.  The voices of the perverse and depraved are loud and proud, while believers sit silent.  Our voices must be heard.  It is our duty.

As a believer, I can pray about the situations and policies that concern me.  Intercession is important.  In our study of Torah yearly, I'm always struck by the intercession of Moses for the people of Israel.  G-d listened to those prayers, and showed mercy.  Prayer is a privilege and a responsibility.  It's my duty.

G-d wants us to speak the truth, and this verse confirms His will.  It's my duty.
Truthful words will stand forever.
(Proverbs 12:19)

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  1. So true. Reminds me of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn's teaching on giving away sapphires (words of blessing and encouragement).