Friday, November 11, 2016

Sabbath Music - I'm Proud To Be An American

What a week...busy and stressful, right? I'm really looking forward to my Sabbath rest.

So much has happened in America since I last posted.  We have elected a new president, and I'm very thankful to have Donald J. Trump as our new leader. My prayers have been answered.  

I've been reading posts on Facebook by people who are really hurting because Hilary didn't win. I know exactly how they feel. EVERY single day for the past eight years, I've grieved as I watched my country "change" into something I don't recognize.

I've seen my Biblical values condemned, ridiculed and destroyed by executive orders and by the Supreme Court decisions to abandon the Constitution and make their own laws.

I've seen Christian religious freedom stomped in the dust, while a religion that espouses death to infidels was applauded and glorified.

That is not my America. I voted to change it back and to Make America Great Again. 

I'm celebrating today. I'm praising G-d today, because only HE could have made this happen.  He heard the prayers of those who cried out to save our country.

My thoughts all week have been, we have been given a reprieve. 

Our job now is to share Truth (His Word) and to help people see and understand that obedience to G-d's laws are what made our country great.

Our Judeo-Christian heritage preserved us, and there are many who do not know that history. I am energized to get to work in sharing G-d's mercy and truth at every opportunity - both in person, through social media, and in my writing. He has shown mercy on us, friends.  We have another chance to teach people G-d's Truth and help them turn from their wicked ways and heal this land. 

Don't let anybody rain on your parade, friends.


Donald Trump is not perfect.  Neither am I.  Neither are you.  

I am praying for G-d to lead him in the paths of righteousness and justice.  I hope you'll join me.  

To those who are going off the deep end, I say this:  Put Your Big Girl Panties On...and Deal With It.  
That's what I've done for the past eight years.  

And now, I am singing this song (unlike Michelle Obama) - I'm Proud To Be An American.


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  1. As you know, I agree with you completely on the results of the election and about where our country has been going for the past many years. I am also praying that God will again bless America and I believe he has done that already. I love the song I'm proud to be an American. And it will be so nice to have a First Lady who loves America.
    Thank you for being so faithful in sharing with us on spiritual Sundays.

  2. Thank you, Charlotte. Bless you for all you do through your writing.
    Blessings back to you, friend.