Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wisdom Wednesdays - My Treasure

A Heart for Prayer
 (photo from Little Birdie Blessings)
As a little girl growing up in church, I remember songs like What A Friend We Have In Jesus, and All That Thrills My Soul is Jesus and wondering about it.  I didn't know G-d that way then, but I do now, and He is so precious to me.  

This is my view when I sit in my quiet place

I love the early morning and spending time with Him on my porch.  The  art and verse at the top of this post are so illustrative of my heart, and this poem expresses it so well :

“My heart is there!

’Where, on eternal hills, my loved one dwells

Among the lilies and asphodels;

Clad in the brightness of the Great White Throne,

Glad in the smile of Him who sits thereon,

The glory gilding all His wealth of hair

And making His immortal face more fair

THERE IS MY TREASURE and my heart is there.


“My heart is there!

’With Him who made all earthly life so sweet,

So fit to live, and yet to die so meet;

So mild, so grand, so gentle and so brave,

So ready to forgive, so strong to save.

His fair, pure Spirit makes the Heavens more fair,

And thither rises all my longing prayer.

THERE IS MY TREASURE and my heart is there.”
(author unknown) 
When I read it, I just had to praise Him as I remembered His provision and faithfulness to me.  

Remembering is important in maintaining a strong faith.  In the Torah, the word "remember" is mentioned over and over, especially regarding the exodus from Egypt, the Passover, and the other Feasts and Festivals.  Hashem adjures us to remember things that have happened in the past (His provision and faithfulness) as a way to strengthen our faith.  

My personal journals and prayer journals help me remember His great faithfulness to me throughout my life.  I started keeping a diary at age nine, because I wanted to remember things I was going through.  I wanted to remember how it felt to be mistreated and misunderstood, so that I would not treat anyone else that way. 

Even as a young child, my journals reflected a faith in G-d.  Over the years, the writing reflects a growing faith, and an understanding that matures over the years.  The trials were great teachers and drew me to Him. 

As a young woman in my twenties, I read George Mueller's biography and learned to record my prayers.  Oh, how it strengthens my faith to look back over them, and remember His answers.  The answers weren't always "yes", but over time I learned that His "no" answers were just as loving as "yes".   A dear friend once told me, "G-d leads by stops as well as starts".  I've never forgotten that, and learned to pay close attention to the stops.  

I remember trying to sell as house once, and it would not sell.  I prayed long and hard, but the answer was "no".  I finally gave up and acquired a renter.  Years later, I put the house up for sale, and it sold within a week.  He knew the right time and His timing was perfect to meet my need.  I learned to trust Him, because He sees ahead what I cannot.

It is joy and peace to trust in Him.  He is a loving, tender, caring, attentive Father.   Matthew 6:21 says, "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."  He is my treasure, and my heart is there.

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  1. Yea and amen all around in this post, Gail! I have a number of "trust Me" house buying and selling adventures with the Lord--former military wife moving 18 times in 20 years! He is a faithful, loving Father. Love my quiet in Him, too.

  2. Blessings to you, Kathryn, and thanks for stopping by with your sweet encouragement

  3. Thank you for this Gail. I'm so pleased to see my graphics being used. This particular one I think is one of my all time favorites. ~ Abby

    1. Mine, too, Abby. I think I love it so much because it expresses my heart -- a love of G-d (looking up for His face to shine upon me), a love of beauty in nature (the flowers close to my heart), and the Scripture (my love for mornings alone with Him to hear His voice and revel in His love). It's one of the many you have gifted us with, and I appreciate all you do, sweet sister.


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