Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shanah Tovah Ya'll

Sundown today begins the Jewish New Year!  Happy 5772!  Jews greet each other with "Shanah Tovah" which means Happy New Year  (loosely).  The official name of the holiday is Rosh Hashanah.  We are commanded in the Torah (Leviticus 23:24)  to observe this holiday with the blowing of the shofar.   Also, in the Torah, in Numbers 29:1, the holy day is mentioned.  

In the synagogue, we will have special readings, a very special blowing of the shofar 100 times, and special foods.  We will eat apples dipped in honey, and other sweet foods to signify our desire for a fruitful, sweet year ahead.

With this holiday, we also begin the Ten Days of Awe.  It is a time of sincere, deep reflection on our past year, and of instrospection as we seek our hearts for any sins we may have allowed to creep in.  During this time, we also ask G-d to show us if we need to mend relationships.  The Ten Days of Awe lead up to the most Holy Day of  Yom Kippur.   I will write more about that in a later post.

I was thinking this week about the great joy I find in observing G-d's Feasts and Festivals.  They are times of remembrance...times of reflection...times of rejoicing in the fact that we are G-d's children and blessed in that relationship.

In the lasst few days as I shopped for the special foods for our celebration, I notice that the stores are preparing for another holiday.  I won't even mention the name that I consider evil.  It makes me very sad to think that even those who call themselves believers ignore G-d's holy days.  Churches open their doors on this day and say they are celebrating the harvest, but it doesn't look that way if you observe what goes on that night.  Where is G-d in it all?   What must He think as he watches people ignore His commands and instead follow the ways of the world?  It must make Him very sad.

I was one of those who did what I just described.  I was ignorant of G-d's holy feasts and festivals.  Then one day I asked G-d for HIS wisdom...not the wisdom of the church....not the wisdom of the world.  I wanted HIS wisdom and I began to seek diligently for it.  My search led me to Messianic Judaism and to joy and wisdom like I'd never, ever known before.  I've been blessed beyond measure and my joy continues to increase along with my wisdom.

I'm sure we all have heard the saying "I want to be like Jesus" as well as "What Would Jesus Do?"  Well, dear readers, my prayer for you in the year 5772 is to experience the joys that Yeshua (Jesus) experienced in the Feasts and the study of Torah...and of Judaism.

Shanah Tovah, Ya'll

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  1. Happy 5772 Year to You! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Wonderful post! Isn't funny the holidays the secular world celebrates and yet we forget those that should be priority.

    Happy 5772 to you! Thank you for sharing the knowledge in this post.

  3. Thank you for sharing this information. I agree with you about that pagan holiday coming up this month. For several years now I have not liked it. I loved to trick or treat when I was a kid and always enjoyed dressing in a costume. Now all I see is the dark side of it. I appreciate your educating us on the Jewish laws.

  4. Shanna Tova Gail....A new year full of sweet things....especially cause He's in it. Thanks for this.

  5. Great Post! The sad thing is, as you say, the retail stores are full of the "evil holiday" decor and items, but if you ask any random person looking at the stuff why they buy and celebrate this, they cannot give you a substantial answer. So few realize it is based on Satanic ritual. Perhaps we should contact retail owners asking for more items for the celebrations that are based on holy truths.


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