Friday, February 11, 2022

Turnaround Tuesday - Praying for Prodigals


I'm sharing something heavy on my heart today:  prodigals / lost family members.  The article below my comments is by Nancy Campbell and is used with her permission.

Up until about seven years old, I stayed with my aunt while my parents worked.  Their family prayed together and it left a deep impression on me.  Also, praying together with my husband is the high-light of my day.  We already read the Word and pray in the morning, but will begin evening prayer. 

I hope you'll join in this on all points:  the family alter, fasting and praying for prodigals on Tuesdays, and that these prayers will bring revival.

This really lit my fire.  I believe in prayer and am burdened for four family members who have gone astray.  The graphic above really speaks of the state they are in.  Let's pray and believe that our prodigals will "come to their senses" and return to their Father's House.  (See the parable of Yeshua in Luke 15:11-32).  

Let's remember this:  the prodigal did not bring the pig pen home with him.   He had hit bottom.  Living and eating with the pigs is about as low as a Jewish boy can go.   He was humbled and repentant. He returned to the Father in surrender and obedience to His Laws.  This is important!  He understood that the Father would not allow his son to wallow in sin like before. 

If you'd like us to pray for your prodigal, please let me know in the comments section below.  And if you join in, please pray for four members of my family to return to the Father's House.

I hope you will share Nancy's article with others.

At the beginning of this year a member of our church fellowship shared some insights she had read from the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders, a group of intercessors who meet together every year to pray and seek God for what He is saying to the body of Christ.
One of the things she shared was that they felt there would be a return to the “family altar.” She stopped and said, “Well, I don’t know what that means. I have never heard of it.” But I did know what it means, and my heart leapt to hear these words because they are forgotten words in the body of Christ today. Even archaic words. But they shouldn’t be archaic because the truth comes from the Living and eternal Word of God.
I decided to check out what she was saying and found it on the Internet. In one of the paragraphs I read:
“During this Era of the Holy Spirit, many prodigals will come back to the Lord. We are backing the Turnaround Tuesday movement where the Body of Christ fasts on Tuesday for the salvation of families and for prodigals to come home. God will also shake and prune the church to prepare to receive them, along with the great harvest. (I had not heard about Turnaround Tuesday but it sounds great. I am sure that families who have prodigals would love to check this out and join in this fasting and prayer).
The vision continued: “There will be a special emphasis in 2022 on the family. God is calling families to “build the family altar” in their homes and pray with and for their families.”
There was the phrase in writing. What does it mean? “The family altar” was one time part of the daily life of every Christian family. Every morning and evening they would gather as a family to meet with God—to hear His words and to pray and worship together. 
It comes from the passage in Leviticus 6:8-13 where God gave the instructions of how to conduct the burnt offerings on the altar. He told them that the fire on the altar was NEVER to go out. He told them to keep it going by attending to it every morning and every evening. If we want the fire of God to keep burning in our lives and each member of our family, we must attend to the fire every morning and evening. Fires go out easily if they are not constantly refueled. 
God wants each family burning brightly for Him. O, how I was encouraged to hear that God is calling His families again to the family altar. 
Will you hear His call? Are you ready to rearrange your family lives to incorporate the family altar into each day? To meet with Him morning and evening is the very least that we can give to Him in the 24 hours He gives us each day. I have found in my own experience that I cannot hope this will happen. I must make it happen. I make it happen and everything else fits around it. If other things don’t get done, it doesn’t matter. But if we let this go, the fire will go out.
Let’s respond to God’s call. This is the beginning of revival. If a move of God does not begin and CONTINUE in the families of God’s people, it will be something that comes and goes but does not last.
Oh, let’s turn back to His ways, Nancy Campbell
These links are from Nancy. 
I would encourage you to check out the following materials:
To read more about the Morning and Evening Principle in the Scriptures go to:
FAMILY DEVOTIONS - The Husband's and Wife's Role E-Booklet (
**Personally, I recommend a daily reading of Proverbs - there's one for every day of the month. I've been doing it monthly for twenty-seven years.  

Also, it is a practice in Judaism to study through the Torah (the first five books of the Bible) yearly.

Jem and I  also use a daily devotional with a Messianic Jewish focus titled  The Voice of the Lord.  It is a collection of meditations written by various authors, and is edited by David J. Rudolph.
 If you have some recommendations, I'd love for you to share them with us.

Shabbat Shalom to you all, dear Gail-Friends.

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