Monday, October 30, 2023

Time to Shine


So much is happening in our world right now - the war in Israel and Gaza, threats from other countries to join the fight, and the division and violence toward Jews in America. Many of us are struggling with our own issues and problems. I read this encouragement today:

We may not have any control over what is happening in the world today, or even our own circumstances. But what we DO have control over is our WORDS, our THOUGHTS and our ACTIONS.

God created us in His image— We can choose to speak LIFE and KINDNESS and LOVE— even in the face of death and wickedness and hatred.

We can choose to take our discouraging thoughts captive and meditate on GOD’s GOODNESS instead of all the negativity going around.

We can choose to allow our minds and lips to be filled with doubt, fear and bitterness, or we can choose to be a LIGHT in this ever present darkness.” **

And, we can PRAY, Gail-Friends! I challenge you to follow this link on Bible Gateway:

You will find fifty-five instances of what happened when people prayed.

History tells us  of miracles that happened when people prayed. You can read about the amazing and wonderful World War II Miracle at Dunkirk here:

Gail-Friends, I could write a book on the prayers He has answered for me. Never give up in despair, Pray for Israel and Gaza, the Middle Eastern countries, and especially for America.

**This quote was from Lazman Hazeh Music on Facebook and I hope it encourages you. I highly recommend following their page (and daily updates from Israel) and, of course, I love and recommend their music, especially this song: Rise Up, Rise Up


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