Sunday, September 4, 2011

Answered Prayers

Thanks to all who have prayed for my mom and for the e-mails of encouragement.  They mean so much to me.

My mom is going to rehab today, after being in the hospital for 13 long days.  The doctors have been working all that time to adjust her medication to control her heart rhythm.  First it would go up too high, then down too low.  Finally, I hope (and pray) they have found the right balance.   Her condition is called A-fib (for atrial fibrulation) and when the heart races, it takes as much energy as running at full speed.  This explains why she has been so tired all the time.  They explained also that a pace-maker only controls the slow rhythm.  Medication has to control the fast beating.

Thank you, Father, for medications and doctors, and that you are the ultimate Healer.

Please continue to pray for my little mama.  She has other health issues and her life is at a difficult stage.  My prayer is that she will agree to move in with us so that we can be of more help and support to her.  She is 81, but very strong-willed and determined.  Pray for her as she faces a difficult change in her life.  The doctors have said she will not be able to live alone any more.

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  1. Hello Gail - thanks for visiting my blog and telling me the story about your experience with bottle digging. I sure will grab this experience when given the opportunity.

    Your Mom is so cute in that photo. I will pray for her to get well soon.