Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thinking of you all, dear readers

Dear Readers (Gail-Friends):

I haven't forgotten ya'll.  I am once again in Jacksonville, helping my dear mom.  She is very weak and ill.  Please pray for her to understand that she doesn't need to live alone.  It is a very emotional time for both of us.  I am her only child. 

My prayer is to honor her as Torah says.  Pray that I will try to understand her viewpoint of not wanting to give up her independence, and of the changes she is facing.  Pray that I will be kind, patient, tender, and loving in every thought and action.  Pray for her to have peace and to trust Yeshua to lead her through this process.  Pray that I will treat her the way I would want to  be treated. 

Last, pray for my dear husband.  He had a growth removed from his forehead and it is quite painful.  Pray that it comes back benign.  Pray for him while I am away.  We are so sad when we are apart.  We both feel like a part of us is missing, even though we talk on the phone several times a day. 

G-d is so faithful and such a comfort in times like these.  I am living in the Psalms....


  1. I completely understand what you are going through....I really really do.

  2. Gail, I totally understand how you and your Mom both feel. Sometimes we just have to pray for them and love them. I think she would be so much happier if she had someone like you and your family to be there for her to make her smile and care for her. You know I am here and I will do anything I can to help out. I will continue to pray for you, your Mom and your family every day. Love always Nancy