Friday, November 1, 2013

My Art

This month, I've been following Emily's blog Chatting at the Sky.  Her posts on art and creativity have inspired me to indulge my creative spirit more, so I'd like to show you how my art is expressed.

Of course my blog, Gail-Friends is one way to express my art, through writing, poetry, and photography:
Leading the music and dancing at the synagogue are others ways to worship and express what is in my heart.  I also play the piano and the harp  (but not at the synagogue). 

The picture above also shows another way I can be creative - through cooking.  I love to cook.  Food is art,  and food is love, right?  The pic above shows my homemade kugel, and the one below shows some hamentaschen I made for Purim.  They didn't turn out picture-perfect like I wanted, but they sure tasted good. 

The decorations in my home are reflection of my heart.

The sewing arts are my least favorite, but I do cross-stitch, crochet, and like to make items for the synagogue.  This is the arc cover I made for the High Holy Days:

Drawing, painting, calligraphy and crafts are the most neglected of my creative expressions, and Emily has inspired me to get back to those. 

This pic above is of my mama, and a piece I created for her.  It says, "The heart that gives, gathers".  She is in a nursing home now, and I try to be creative in making her life more pleasant, through music, art, and any other way I can since she is very limited in activity now.

My clothing is an art expression.  I love hats and wear them often.

Our marriage is creative, too.  My husband and I both make an effort every day to show love and appreciation to each other.  Our love and marriage is a work of art.

I've enjoyed Emily's series, and am grateful for her inspiration this month.

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