Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thankful Thursday #8 - Puppy Love

Thankful Thursday is my weekly discipline - to express my gratitude to Hashem for His over-flowing, abundant blessings. 
Yes, I'm thankful for puppy love.  This is our baby aka dog, Zoe "Go" Golden.  We rescued her from the shelter about two years ago.  She is a doxie mixed with Jack Russel terrier, we think.  She is blind, and bumps into things a lot, but just keeps on going.  I guess you get used to it if you've never known anything else in life. 

Being blind doesn't stop her from running like Rin Tin Tin, though, especially if she hears a noise.  She also loves to grab hubby's garden hat or gloves and take off with them. She is very protective and doesn't know she's little.

Her middle name is "Go" because that's what she loves more than anything.  If you say that word, she is ready, and jumps up in the air like Tigger, and bounces to the door.  

She loves to ride in the car and sits in my grandson's car seat.  If we don't go fast enough, she whines.

Zoe loves movement, like riding in the back of hubby's bicycle.  She is strapped in, but doesn't try to jump out.  She will bark like crazy if she hears another dog as we ride around the neighborhood.

Hubby loves to spoil her by giving her rides on the scoot-n-do.  

After all that going, she gets pooped out...

She knows sleeping on the couch is a no-no, but she doesn't care.  She's a sweetie, and we love her so much. 

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. precious!!!!!! Thank you for sharing your sweet blog at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop ♥

  2. Zoe... what a beautiful thing she is!!

  3. I hopped over here from Kathy's link-up. Oh goodness, what an adorable dog! I am a huge dog-lover, and *Go* just warmed my heart. She's really cute, and that spirit of hers just spoke JOY to my soul. My youngest son has a beagle, and I adore that dog. He's a great friend, and he teaches me much about unconditional love.

    Loved the last photo. Marty does that all the time. He does love his blanket tents!


  4. I had so much fun checking out this post and especially enjoyed the last photo of Zoe's little nose peeking out from the blanket! How adorable! I also found you from Kathy's link up!