Thursday, July 3, 2014

7 Days of Prayer for America - Day 3

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7 7 7: An Urgent Call to Prayer - DAY TWO

Worthy is the Lamb who was slain,
to receive all

"Yeshua, the power of G-d and the wisdom of G-d."  -- 1 Corinthians 1:24
  • We worship You, L-rd Yeshua, for You are the incarnation of G-d’s wisdom. Your judgments are unsearchable. Your ways are past finding out. Your thoughts are higher than ours. Your plans never include a mistake. There are no accidents as You carry out Your purpose.  You never have to second-guess what You have done, or what You plan to do.  You are right…all the time, in every way.
  • I worship You as___________
  • We repent of our attitude of familiarity with You that has caused us to lose our reverential fear of You, and thus we have not even the beginning of wisdom with which to handle the vast knowledge we possess.
  • We repent as we acknowledge our foolishness of denying You as the one, true, living G-d, our Creator to whom we are accountable, living as though our lives are a cosmic accident with no eternal significance, purpose or meaning.
  • We repent of leaning on our own understanding, immersing ourselves in politics to change our nation, instead of looking to You.
  • We repent, as a church, Your Body, of depending on programs instead of prayer, on activities instead of the Spirit’s life, on orthodoxy instead of obedience.
  • We repent of succumbing to conventional wisdom or popular opinion instead of seeking You first, and asking You what we should or should not do.
  • I repent of ____________
  • We choose to honor You as the source of all life, living with reverential fear and respect for You, and conducting ourselves according to Your stated principles and values as given in Your Word.
  • I choose now to ________________
  • We ask that our example of looking to You for wisdom would be contagious, as others observe that life lived according to Your wisdom works.
  • We ask that You would open our spiritual eyes to see the foolishness of following the crowd, or compromising eternal Truth because it is not politically correct, or succumbing to peer pressure in order to be more accepted, or trying to blend into our culture so as not to invite criticism or ostracism, and so live eternally wasted lives.
  • We ask that You expose the lies that deny the Truth, and the spin that distorts the Truth, so that evil has no hiding place.
  • We ask that You generously give us and our leaders wisdom from on High.
  • We ask that You give us creative wisdom to effectively present the Gospel** to our generation.
  • I humbly ask that _____________


I invite you to pray with us for 7 Days, July 1 through July 7, and then pray and fast for 7 hours on July 7.  (to learn more HERE)

I hope you will join this prayer effort and spread the word, even if you start late.  

I will be posting prayers for each of the 7 days.  

**The Gospel was preached by John the Baptist, Yeshua the Messiah, and the disciples.  This Gospel includes repenting of sin, and obedience to G-d's ways outlined in the Torah.  Prior to the death and resurrection of Yeshua, the blood of animals paid for sin.  His sacrifice became the blood acceptable by Adonai.  Yeshua said we are to obey His Commandments, not the rules and religions of the Pharisees and Sadduccees, which are comparable to the religions of the present day..


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