Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Israel Trip - Jordan River Baptism

Another beautiful sunrise across the Sea of Galilee greeted us the next morning.  Two of my greatest joys are sunrises and sunsets and if they are reflected in water I am overflowing with joy.  

Today would be our visit to the headwaters of the Jordan River known as Yardenit - the spot where most followers of Yeshua come for a traditional baptism.

As we ate breakfast and watched the sunrise, I saw a bird in one of the lemon trees that lined the patio.  I believe it is a hooded crow, but perhaps it is a bulbel. 

I told you, I'm a bird nerd, so expect to see more of my feathered friends.  

As we rode the bus, I snapped a couple of pics of the sites on the way to Yardenit.  The pic below is of a fisherman on the Sea of Galilee.  The morning was overcast, so that's why the sky is grey.

When I enlarged this photo, I saw that a couple of birds had photo-bombed my shot.  I love it, even though I can't tell what kind they are.

This photo shows the recreational aspect of the Sea of Galilee, with a beach and picnic area.  I was struck by the lack of development around the other areas of the lake, because in the U.S. every inch of space around a body of water is usually packed to the max.  I enjoyed the beauty and simplicity of this area, and the fact that there were no condos to block the views.

The Yardinit is beautiful.  The trees and plantings are inviting and calming.  I enjoyed a time of quiet meditation while there. Moments like that were rare on this trip because we were packing a great deal into seven days.  Here is some of the beauty I saw:

Looking across to the other side of the river.

 Isn't this a beautiful, restful place?

The people in white robes are waiting to be baptized.  This brought back memories of my first trip to Israel in 1996.  Below is a photo I took the day I visited Yardinet:

Being baptized in this river was one of the highlights of my trip in 1996.  When I was a little girl, I remember reading the story of Yeshua being baptized by John the Baptist in this very river.  The story came alive that day.  I felt chills, and not only from the cold water.  When I was baptized as little nine year old girl, I never dreamed that one day I would be baptized in Israel. It was an awe-filled moment.

The day we visited Yardinet in 1996, there were hundreds of Jews from Russia who were baptized, so we waited a long time to enter the river.  I'll never forget my joy, and the joy of these people as they came up from the water.

Next stop on the tour will be Beit Shean.  I am so excited to show you this, Gail-Friends.  I was never a fan of history or archeology until I visited this place.  Now I am hooked, and I say, "Take me to the ruins!"  Wait till you see it.  "You aint seen nothing yet," as we say down South.


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  1. Hi Gail! Thanks for posting at All Things Bright and Beautiful this past month. Your series on your trip to Israel and the call to pray for Israel is very timely. I can't bear to see flashes of the news covering the war there - Yeshua, come and bring Your peace! Thanks for your encouraging words about my writing projects and the conference review. So much to follow-up on this month, but I think I'll not burn the midnight oil and work more sensible hours.

  2. I found your blog today through A Wise Woman Builds Her House link-up. I must say I'm excited to read more of your entries. This one in particular just gives me goosebumps of joy. As someone, who most likely will not get to travel to Israel in person, your photos & commentary are simply inspiring. Thanks for sharing.