Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thankful Thursday - A Musical Girl's Day Out

I love music and especially love playing instruments.  I recently decided to learn to play the mountain dulcimer.  My daughter and I attended a class at Barberville Pioneer Settlement, near where I live. I got my wires crossed, not realizing there is a difference between a mountain and a hammered dulcimer. So, we showed up for the wrong class, but it turned out just fine.  The video below shows my daughter, Amanda, learning to play the hammered dulcimer.

This class was great, and my daughter, who is very musically inclined, picked up on the process and was playing like she'd been taking lessons for years.  I'm not bragging (honestly), but she has learned to play the piano, guitar, flute, mandolin, and other instruments without lessons.  

We had a very enjoyable day together, learning, playing, and listening to music.  I'm so thankful for a girl's day out with her.

I'll write more about Barberville next week.  It's a most amazing place, and I'm thankful to live close enough to visit it often.

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  1. You have a very talented daughter :)

    1. Yes, talent on loan from G-d, and she uses it well. I have to admit -- I was bragging just a little bit, but she deserves it.