Friday, February 5, 2016

I Love My Followers





A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that my number of followers had dropped dramatically.  I was so sad and wondered what in the world had happened.  Did I offend them?

One of my followers that disappeared was a good friend, so I called to find out why she stopped following.  She said she didn't, and had no idea why she wasn't showing up on the blog.

Well, dear Gail-Friends, the reason is very simple.  Google now requires that you have an account with them in order to show up as a follower on a blog.  Also, if you follow a blog through Google Reader and don't have an account, the blog will no longer show up in your feed.

So, what to do?  (Not just for Gail-Friends, but your other favorites)

Open a Google e-mail account.  It's FREE, and Easy-Peasy!  I have several of them for different reasons, and I like it that way.

After you open the account, come back and become a follower (again).

If you want to read my blog through an RSS feed reader, I recommend Feedly.

If you'd like to receive my blog through your e-mail, you can sign up on the left side of the blog.  Very simple!

I also share my posts at Google+, so you can find me there each week.  You can add me to your circle.

And, of course, you can always just type in the following link in your address bar:

I love you all, Gail-Friends, and hope you'll keep coming back.

Shalom Y'all!

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