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Wisdom Wednesdays -Politically Correct Words

Continuing  my series on WORDS.

Nancy Campbell, of Above Rubies, wrote this post about words on Facebook.  I love reading her words, and am always encouraged by her writing.  This piece is long, but it is well worth reading and passing on to others.  I also recommend her website

Words have power. God gave us the gift of speech to communicate to one another with words. Jesus Himself is THE WORD! John 1: 1, 2, 14 says: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. . . . And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.” God gives words of truth.

However, words can also deceive. Words can lie. Words are misleading the majority of this nation. By euphemisms-- nice sounding words to cover up the true meaning of something so it no longer sounds offensive. Our humanistic society and the political left use euphemisms to cover up their agenda. To change your thinking! Hide the real truth.

Let’s not be fooled. Don’t allow your children to be fooled either. If they grow up accepting these words they will be brainwashed and imbibe falsity. They will hook into an anti-biblical mindset and become self-deceived.

Let’s look at just some of the examples. Please forgive me, the list got a little longer than I intended:

Abortion mentality. Currently accepted as the “right to choose,” “pro-choice," "women's health," or "reproductive freedom." The real truth is: “I choose to murder my own flesh and blood baby.”

Abortion act is called the “termination of pregnancy, “removal of fetal matter.” Would abortion clinics have as many clients if they posted the sign: “Come in here to have your baby murdered”?

Abortioner. The evil act of the abortioner which kills a live human being is called “Embryo Reduction Procedure” (ERP).

Adultery which breaks sacred vows proclaimed before God and betrays the marriage partner is called “temporary marriage,” “extra marital affair,” or just “an affair.”

Assisted Suicide by physicians giving a lethal overdose to kill a person is called the nice sounding phrase of “Death with Dignity.” No matter how nice it sounds, it’s still murder.

Baby in the womb is called everything but a human baby. Instead it is called “uterine contents,” “birth matter,” “products of conception,” etc.

Bad debts are called “under-performing assets.”

Bums. The accepted word is “homeless.”

Charity is called “entitlement.”

Child sexual abuse is watered down by the words “intergenerational sex.”

Collapse of American society. Our president calls it “fundamental transformation.”

Confiscation by threat of what belongs to others is called “social justice.” It’s really injustice.

Contraception is advocated by “Every child a wanted child.” Sounds lovely, but does that mean that a mother who does not find the timeframe convenient to have a baby can abort?

Fornication which is sexual intercourse before marriage is accepted as “pre-marital sex.” God calls it sin and says that no fornicator (along with other listed sins) will enter the kingdom of heaven (1 Corinthians 5:9, 10). Of course, God gives total forgiveness when someone repents (1 John 1:7, 9).

Downright lies are called “inoperative statements” or “terminological inexactitude.”

Drug abuse is called “substance abuse.”

Gangs are called “youth groups.”

Expecting people to accept lifestyles that are contrary to the Bible is called “tolerance.”

Government spending is called “investment.”

Homosexuals are called “gay.” How can it be gay when it is an abomination in God’s eyes?

Illegal aliens are called “undocumented immigrants,” or Obama’s favorite term, “Americans-in-waiting.” My husband and I came from a different country and had to pay thousands of dollars and work hard to receive our Green Card on which was printed “Resident Alien.” Even though we were here legally we were stilled called “alien.” Today people are no longer called alien even when they are illegal! We later
went on to become US citizens.

Liberal Left are called “progressives” or “progressive change agents.” They are not progressive and it is more correct to call them “leftists” or “statists.”

Marxism (which is really socialism, communism, or collectivism) currently practiced by many in government is covered up by the misleading names of “fairness,” “economic justice,” “redistribution,” “progressivism,” and “spreading the wealth around.”

Southern American children from infants to 18 years, arranged by gangs and drug cartels and welcomed by Obama into this nation, are called “unaccompanied minors.”

Micromanagement of our daily lives, thoughts, and businesses by self-appointed elitists is called “socialism.”
Pedophiles who prey on young children are called “minor-attracted persons” (MAPs).

Perverts are called “sexual variants.”

Porn movies are called “adult movies.”

Prostitutes are called “sex workers” or engaging in “social activity.”

Wasteful spending is called by our government “legislative directive.”

Rejecting the female role is called “feminism.” This term is devious because it sounds so much like the word feminine which gives the picture of a gentle, submissive, and nurturing woman. Instead, they want to annihilate motherhood and the family.

Sex change is called “Gender Assignment Surgery.”

Everything that is against God and His creation is changed to a misleading word or phrase.

Twenty-four hour government-funded child care is called “flexible child care.” That doesn’t sound like a takeover, does it? But that it is the eventual plan.

Taxes. Obama, the professional euphemizer calls tax increase “Revenue enhancement,” “shared sacrifices,” or “advanced approach.” And yet he has already spent, using the people’s taxes, over $40 million on his vacations alone while in office. It will be over $50 million by the time his term ends.

We dare not be fooled by these euphemisms. The political left tells us like it’s not. Let’s not be afraid to tell it like it is!

We will not be seduced!
~ Nancy Campbell

Thank you, Nancy, for telling it like it is, and I pray for you and your ministry to continue to influence women for G-d's kingdom.

I also pray for a return to common sense in America.

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